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How to Navigate Nesting

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Setting up and styling a cosy yet functional nursery is the best place to start.

The nesting instinct is something that normally kicks into gear late in your pregnancy. You feel full of energy and ready to declutter every square inch of your place. After all, birth and labour are beyond our control so it makes sense that we’re wanting to do as much within our own powers to control the situation and provide a sense of calm. The perfect place to focus that energy? The nursery. Here are our top tips, starting with creating a functionable space then layering in the creative elements.

The Big Ticket Items

Start with the essential functional pieces such as the cot and drawers and then you know how much space you have to play with for the other elements. Discovering and assembling the cot of your dreams really is that pinch-me moment in the nesting phase, where you feel as though things are real. So, what direction are you going to take? Elegant long lines via Danish designed Leander, or the modern curves of a Stokke? See all our cots here.

It is also worth considering in your decision making if the cot can extend to a toddler bed. The cult Leander Cot with its smooth curves has a conversion kit transforming it into the sweetest little bed. Or you could remove one side and add a simple rail to this one from Baby Rest.

Along with the cot, a chest of drawers (to house the change table) is going to be an investment piece to last a few years. Having matching drawers to your cot will ensure the core design elements of your room are harmonious. The Memo team has been swooning over these by Tasman Eco which come in a nursery package. Right now you might be laser-focused on the newborn baby, but they grow quickly and forward planning is clever.

The Babyzen Yoyo Stroller in Black

The Change Station

Having an elite change station set up will itch that nesting scratch, big time. It’s satisfying to pack all those neat rows of tiny nappies just waiting to be filled. You’re going to be changing anywhere between 9-10 nappies a day with a newborn so this needs to be a tightly run ship with everything at your fingertips. Think a full pack of nappies stored away, multiple packs of wipes and bags, creams and all the care gear for red bums. Clothes stowed away in drawers directly beneath the change station is ideal. And make life easy for yourself by clearly organising the clothes into categories — singlets, growsuits, warmer layers — helping you move quickly with changes particularly in the middle of the night.

We love the Bunnie Caddie as a portable change station that you can take with you to the hospital and then return home with it. You can take it around the house, into different rooms, or throw it in the car to the grandparents' house. Loads of different compartments make for super-efficient changing. It now also comes in a mini version if you’re tight on space. Or this woven rope one by kiin is a more compact size.

Next you’ll need a change mat. There are loads of beautiful designs, such as this basket by kiin to match the rope caddie. Or a squishy waterproof change mat that you can wipe down instantly, which will save the laundry pile up. Another waterproof option is this one by Schnuggle which is slightly narrower so ensure you double check the chest or table dimensions to ensure the mat can sit flat and safely on top.


Feeding Chair and Feeding Station

You’ll be spending many hours in this zone of the room. If you set it up once and really well then your future self will thank you for this. A comfy chair such as the Cloud Rocker by Nuage, which comes with a lush footrest, will make the entire feeding experience more enjoyable. It comes with a rocking base and you can swap to plain legs later down the track. Smart.

Once you sit down to feed and the baby latches, or is happily on the bottle, it’s hard to move and relocate rooms for that drink or snack. Our pro tip is to create a feeding station beside the chair that’s fully stocked with snacks (such as muesli bars, lollies, lactation cookies, plus hydration powders and a good book. The mustard made Shorty lockers are an ideal way to keep things organised and hidden away, while adding a bold pop of colour if you want too.


Creative Elements

This is the fun part. Picking little elements such as a playmat, rug, framed artwork and fun animal night lights can make the baby's arrival feel really real for you. These elements layer personality into the space. We love the playful designs by Maison Deux such as this shell rug. Bright or printed cot sheets, blankets and fun cushions can do a lot of creative heavy lifting too. Having a little rack to hang adorable clothes on is an easy way to add a ton of character or a mini bookshelf will help instantly bring your favourite Pinterest pins to life in your space.

Toys and other bits and pieces accumulate quickly, if you start off with some stylish stackable storage boxes such as these ones by Liewood - you can stay on top of the clutter. Remember that your nursery doesn’t need to be picture-perfect straight away. You can create a calm, peaceful yet functionable canvas to build upon as your baby’s personality reveals itself. Later down the track, you might find this article on trends really helpful.

If you still have the nesting itch, next up - discover how to pack a hospital bag. Read our article on it here.


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