How to Navigate Nesting

How to Navigate Nesting

By Cator Walk   |  

Baby shopping best practices from Amy Malpass Hahn, Editor-In-Chief of The Grace Tales. 

Along with, “You’re huge!” and “Can you eat that?”, “Oh, cute, you’re in nesting mode”, is one of the most irritating things that can be said to you when you’re pregnant. You want to snap back, “Am I trying to prepare my space for the ginormous life change that’s about to happen? Ofcourse I am! We talked about what you were packing for Bali for two months, Jenny! Come on!” OK, maybe you are more chill about the pregnancy feedback, but the fact remains, breast pads, a 1L jar of Nutella and two books, Peepo! and Each Peach Pear Plum. This gift was the one I used and loved more than any other, so I give the exact same gift at all other baby showers,” she says. “I also am somewhat biased in my love of GRACE MOTHERS: Letters To Our Children as a gift for once their head is out of the trenches. It’s one for the mum (not the baby finally!), looks lovely on a coffee table (that may otherwise be filled with unfolded washing), and tells so many heart-warming and moving stories about motherhood that it’s impossible not to relate.

Send in the help

“I love Dr Oscar Serrallach’s line that new mums shouldn’t receive visitors, only staff. So when I’m visiting a friend after they first have a baby, I try to bring “services”. A few meals for the freezer or lunchbox-ready snacks for their older children, a voucher for a cleaner, or a washing basket for me to take away. I also recommend a voucher for The Dinner Ladies or Katering at Home, which my wonderful mum and brilliant boss gifted me when my youngest arrived. Complete and utter game-changers.”

Check out The Grace List, curated by Amy and the rest of The Grace Tales team, the ten products that are perfect for any stage of motherhood.

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