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How to Relieve a Constipated Baby

Let’s talk about relieving a constipated baby. The frequency of bowel movements for babies really differs for each child. For those who are breastfeeding, there is a huge variation in how often they poo because every mum's diet is so different. Generally speaking, babies that are formula-fed tend to have typically slightly firmer stools and fewer bowel movements.

Constipation signs to look out for are: if their tummy is hard (bellies should be soft and billowy), they look uncomfortable passing wind and cry, or if the wind smells particularly bad.

Massage combined with body movement is an excellent way to encourage bowel movement.

Pop your baby horizontal. You can massage your baby using oil (we love this one) or just with your hands.

Always massage in a circular motion around the abdomen in a clockwise direction, working with the digestive system. Repeat this for a few minutes. Find a middle ground that is firm but gentle in your touch.

Now it’s time for some baby yoga. The yogi’s call this wind-removing pose, and it works to stimulate the ascending and descending colon. So start by holding the baby’s knees and feet together, and gently pushing the feet toward the belly. Repeat this a couple times.

Another trick is to mimic the motion of riding a bicycle, a great way to help stimulate digestion.

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