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The downlow on letdown and Leakage

The let-down reflex is what makes breastmilk flow, and it’s totally normal. But it can come with a lot of 'leakage' and wetness, particularly in those early days of breastfeeding. You can catch letdown with the Haakaa Ladybug Silicone Milk Catchers which sit inside your bra, and use that milk to feed your baby. But if you’re leaking when out and about, or in the evening (some new mums can be soaked in the early days), you might like to use either disposable or reusable breastpads inside your bra. Another, more eco (and super innovative) approach is to wear a Mumma Milla bra. A comfy and supportive bralette, it has built in leak-proof cups, that absorb the milk and keep you dry. It’s an eco-friendly option for feeling confident and dry and just feels good.

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