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Up Close and Personal With The Memos 2023 Winners

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Who, what and why they got your vote.

The Memos 2023, the awards that recognise the ultimate parenting essentials, the best baby brands in the biz, the products worthy of your time, adoration and money. They’re the items you’ll recommend to every new parent. The sleep saviours that have changed your life and your baby’s snooze cycle for the better. The don’t-leave-home-withouters that you rely on daily. And the caring classics that help make parenthood that little bit easier.

From categories curated by our expert judges, parents voted (in the thousands) to crown the baby and parenting gear that changed the game this year. Now, nine products have the honour of being The Memos Winners, and we're going to get to know them a little bit better before they get added to cart, gifted to your expecting BFFs and talked about in your Mother's Group Whatsapps.

Breast Bestie Winner: Silverette

Engorgement, cracked nipples, clogged ducts, under supply, oversupply… sore boobs happen. The nominees for this category are the tools you turn to above all others to give comfort and relief to your breasts post birth. And the soother that took the top spot got an overwhelming nod from of our judges, and you! These silver nipple covers are the top choice for the breast care of breastfeeding mums. Used to prevent and heal sore cracked nipples and the surrounding skin, these little cups are made from pure 925 sterling silver which is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents.

What our judges say:

“If you reach for one product to help naturally and effectively treat nipple damage, let it be this!” Lauren Trend, Founder of Self Practice

Silverette 101:

  • Made from pure 925 sterling silver
  • 100% nickel free
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial
  • Protect and repair nipples and surrounding skin that is sore, cracked and sensitive from breastfeeding

Postpartum BFF Winner: Bare Mum Perineal Wash Bottle

All the gain can come with a lot of pain. As your body recovers from the intensity of childbirth, the nominated soothing saviours get all the credit for giving expert care down there. Bare Mum’s Ergonomic Wash Bottle has helped make postpartum recovery more comfortable for many, gently and effectively cleansing the hard working perineum, or site of a c-section, without pressure. The angled narrow neck provides targeted use (think no bending over or having to put your hand in the toilet - important in those first few days), and we love it’s retractable for easy storage. Simply fill it with water and gently cleanse your most sensitive areas.

What our judges say:

“"One of my must have postpartum items. It’s brilliant for taking care of your whole pelvic bowl postpartum, taking the sting away so you relax. This then allows the pelvic floor to do its job which is lengthen and let your wee out without strain or force”. Bernadette Lack, Midwife and Founder of Core & Floor Restore

Perineal Wash Bottle 101:

  • Use on perineum or c-section without pressure
  • Gently and effectively cleanses your sensitive areas
  • Angled narrow neck for targeted use

WTF to Wow Winner: Youha Embody Wearable Breast Pump

Having a baby can be kind of confusing, and there’s a ton of products that you won’t know you need… until you do. The niche problem solvers nominated in this category require a bit of explaining to new parents (like seriously, what the f, why the f, how the f) but make a huge difference when you need them most. Case in point, our innovative winner Youha Embody, a portable, rechargeable breast pump that allows you to pump easily, discreetly and effectively, anywhere. It’s a game changing product for women wanting and needing freedom in the weeks, months and maybe years post-baby. Rather than using a traditional pump that holds you hostage and requires a power plug, you can charge the Embody via the USB cable, put it in your bra, press the power button and get on with your day. Super comfortable to wear, it fits snugly onto your breast and the soft silicone cups protect the nipple, with no painful pulling.

What our judges say:

“As a multitasking mum there’s nothing more amazing than pumping whilst being able to get stuff done! Genius!” Jessie Obialor, Photographer Co-founder of Bouchee Foods

Youha Embody 101:

  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Fits snuggly into your bra so you can pump hands-free, cord-free, wherever you are
  • Soft silicone cups protect the nipple with no painful pulling
  • Each cup holds 150ml

Sleep Superhero Winner: Baby Shusher

Sleep can be elusive and when it comes, can make all the difference to the life of a new family. The superheroes nominees were the best in class for bringing comfort to the nursery and the gift of good sleep to those in the know and the winner was Baby Shusher, a revolutionary tool that uses ancient but doctor tested techniques to help soothe the fussiest of babies. It uses a real human voice to lull your baby to sleep with a calming shhhhhh noise, a similar tone to the sounds in the womb. Portable and easy-to-use, you simply turn it on for a short or long session to lull even the most resistant sleepers into some seriously restful shut eye. Powerful stuff.

What our community say:

“Saved us on all three kids during the night when you’re tired and your baby is unsettled. Sounds like you’re actually ‘shushing’, so you just turn it on and your baby will settle themselves while you go back to sleep!” Rebekah

Baby Shusher 101:

  • Plays a soothing shhhh sound for 15-30 minutes
  • Settles your baby
  • Adjustable volume
  • Battery operated and portable, take it with you everywhere

Care Extraordinaire Winner: Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator

When sickness strikes, ouchies happen or maybe you’re trying to prevent either, you’ll turn to super reliable products that get the job done. Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator is one of those products that is a best seller at The Memo and your top choice in this important category. Babies can't actually blow their noses which is annoying as it sounds for them. Thanks to this incredible device, it uses a battery powered suction to gently remove snot for them. Your baby will breathe, feed and sleep better in less than 10 seconds. Genius.

What our community say:

"We've had to use this more than I'd like to admit whilst going through the joy of winter, daycare bugs and immunity building with our 2 year old. Simple, easy to use and clean. A real wonder tool worth the money 10 fold” Jessica

Snotty Boss 101:

  • Battery powered suction
  • Removes snot from your baby’s nose gently and safely in ten seconds
  • Helps babies breathe, feed and sleep better
  • Use to relieve colds, flu, sinus, allergies, teething and virus related congestion and runny nose
  • Ideal for newborns to preschoolers.

Master of Meals Winner: Stokke Tripp Trapp

We know, we know, it was hard to pick a favourite from a line up of nominees that have given so much confidence to new parents starting out on solids… but we did it anyway, and the Stokke Tripp Trapp is more than an icon, it’s also now a The Memos 2023 winner.

What our judges say:

“We love this highchair, we have it sitting at our dining table right now and it matches our furniture beautifully and doesn’t look tacky. It’s also highly functional, comfortable, easy to clean and can be adjusted for different ages” Dr Joseph Sgroi, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist

Tripp Trapp 101:

  • Versatile, durable, slim-line design
  • Can hold up to 136 kgs
  • Adjustable footrest and seat
  • Helps to improve posture

Parenting Ride or Die Winner: Portier Limitless Carrier

They came, they saw, they changed the game. The iconic and innovative nominees of this category totally transformed the way we thought we had to do baby and parenting, making life all the better for it. The winner is the Portier Limitless Carrier, a lightweight, comfortable high-fashion baby carrier that you’ll feel good in, designed to help you get on with your day, hands free, while keeping your baby close and comfortable.

What our judges say:

“Keep your babies as close as you can for as long as you can - because they grow so quick! The quality and style of this carrier is perfection” Jessie Obialor, Photographer and Co-founder of Bouchee Foods.

Limitless Carrier 101:

  • Crossable shoulder straps
  • Even weight distribution
  • 100% natural fibres
  • Carries front facing in, front facing out, and back carry
  • Secure with clips, tighten with straps

More Than a Toy Winner: My Happy Helpers Evo 2.0 Learning Tower

How long is a piece of string when it comes to toys our children adore? From tummy time motivators, brain candy, tools for understanding the world around them… playtime favourites at The Memo are always so much more than a toy. The winner in this category is just that, a versatile stepper/toddler ladder that gives busy kids independence, and a smart and sturdy way to involve them more in your day-to-day. It is fully adjustable with three step heights, with a slimline design to fit narrow spaces.

What our judges say:

“A must have in the kitchen for independent little helpers, thinkers and doers!” Lauren Trend, Founder of Self Practice

Evo 2.0 Learning Tower 101:

  • Builds independence
  • Fully adjustable with three step heights
  • Slimline design to fit narrow spaces
  • Removable safety bar, a wider base to further improve stability, and reduced side cut outs size, so little bottoms and heads cant stick through the sides

Gift Registry Hero Winner: Bunnie Caddie Portable Organiser

A new category for us, creating a Gift Registry is a key way to ensure you get exactly what you will need, use and love without waste and double ups. This is the place where you’ll add in key items that will make your life easier, and of course, our winner is all about bringing practicality to parenting. The Bunnie Caddie is a simple idea with a big impact. It’s a changing organiser to keep in your nursery to have all the stuff at your fingertips. It’s made from premium felt fabric and boasting a sturdy base, the Bunnie Caddie has nine functional pockets and four removable dividers that can be used to support and organise all your changing essentials, think nappies, wipes, creams, muslin cloths and some things to keep your baby distracted and entertained during changing time. Our community’s top tip? Take it to the hospital and pack with everything you’ll need within hands reach during labour and postpartum, think water bottle, perineum wash bottle, ice packs, maternity pads, breast pads, and of course, Silverettes.

What our community says:

"A winner all round. I can take it wherever I go. Handy to have in the car or when going away too! Plus it’s great for night time changes!” Tayla

Bunnie Caddie 101:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Nine pockets and four removable dividers
  • Made from premium felt fabric
  • Leather trim, metal hardware and a two-tone body strap

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