If you are having a tough time breastfeeding due to pain, discomfort, anxiety or any other reason, seek the support you need.

What a lactation consultant can do for you

A lactation consultant can evaluate how you’re currently feeding (posture, the position of the baby, the grip etc), identify any areas for improvement, and help you to conceptualise the feed so it feels less mechanical and more organic. They should also assess the baby to ensure there are no physical roadblocks such as tongue tie (a condition that restricts the tongue's range of motion), affecting their ability to latch, suck and feed comfortably.

Find a lactation consultant here https://thememo.com.au/pages/the-memo-community-resource-page

Only midwife IBCLC’s are covered by Medicare, and the costs will depend on whether you gave birth in the public or the private system. Lactation consultancy fees are covered by some private health funds (it’s best to check your fund prior to booking an appointment), however the amount covered will vary based on your insurance policy. If you’re in the public system, some birthing hospitals allow up to ‘x’ many hours or ‘x’ many appointments with a lactation consultant, who will usually operate within their hospital. Occasionally birthing hospitals will also provide access to a ‘lactation hotline’, i.e. a phone number you can call when you’re experiencing issues.

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