Postnatal depletion is another common byproduct of postpartum life. It’s something to look out for as it can wreak havoc during a vulnerable time of life.

Postnatal depletion is not the same as being ‘burnt out’, or ‘sleep deprived’, or ‘depressed.’ In the postnatal context, postnatal depletion is a period of time where your body and mind are literally ‘emptying' or becoming ‘reduced.’ Every cell in your body is trying to recalibrate and adjust to life with a baby, however due to the weight of change endured during pregnancy and birth, this adjustment phase can have some hefty implications.

How will you differentiate if you’re suffering from postnatal depletion vs postnatal depression or postnatal anxiety?

  • If you are feeling exhausted, yet you’re still able to ‘feel joy’ when moments in life bring goodness - this is likely depletion. Those who suffer depression will find their moods very ‘flat line’ and feeling joy and happiness will not be easy.
  • Sleep is another good indication. If you are up during the night and able to fall back to sleep quite easily, again, this is likely depletion. Those with depression, despite utter exhaustion on a physical and mental level will find it very hard to reduce the noise in their brain, keeping them awake for up to an hour or more, before they’re able to fall back asleep.

More Than Just Tired: Let’s Talk About Postnatal Depletion

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