Prenatal Supplements

For those reading who are in the midst of trying to conceive a baby, now is the best time to start taking your prenatal supplements. Up to three months prior to conception is the ‘optimal’ time to begin taking supplements as you may not know you’re pregnant until around week five or six. By this stage your baby’s critical development is underway, so to get ahead is great. During the conception phase, prenatal supplements are also a wonderful way to nourish your eggs and adequately prepare your uterus for implantation.

To go back a step and delve into a little history for context, prenatal supplements became ‘popular’ during the 80’s after both supplement manufacturing companies and health professionals noticed a strong correlation between the presence of Folic Acid* in multivitamins and the health of a developing fetus. In short, adding Folic Acid to a woman’s diet, resulted in a reduced risk of major neural tube defects (NTD’s). Two of the most common NTD's include spina bifida (a spinal cord defect) and anencephaly (a brain defect). Both of which occur in the earliest stages (weeks) of pregnancy.

*While Folic Acid (the synthetic version of naturally occurring Folate) initiated the origins of the above findings, research since has shown that Folate and Folinic Acid could be the superior alternative, as they’re easier for the body to absorb. More on this important discussion here.

When it comes to which supplements to take, it’s advised to have this conversation with the medical practitioner who has a comprehensive knowledge of your health history to date, including your pregnancy. From there, circle back to The Memo to shop our wide range.

Folic Acid, Folinic Acid or Folate

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