Baby Towels - Holidays List

Beautifully soft, hard working baby towels and cloths to keep on hand for any situation.

Newborn Towels Australia

At the memo, we stock a curated edit of our favourite baby towels and cloths your little ones are sure to love. Choose from best-selling brands hooded towels and face cloths. These high quality towels are super soft and silky against sensitive baby skin.

Organic Baby Towels

We get it, you want nothing but the best for your little one! We offer a range of organic cotton baby towels that are durable, soft and breathable. Organic cotton is a great material for towels as it lasts longer than traditional materials, are free from chemicals that can irritate the skin and are even better for the environment. Try the cosy hooded towel from Nature Baby if you’re looking for a great organic cotton baby towel.

Hooded Baby Towels

At the memo, all of our baby towels are hooded. We prefer to use rabbit, or panda in a range of beautiful colours for your bub.

Baby Bath Essentials

Once you’ve found the perfect baby towels, don’t forget all the other baby bath essentials. You can find bath toys, body wash and even our favourite baby bathtubs at the memo. Discover our full care collection as well as bath mats, bath seats, bath accessories, and baby bath stands now.