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Pregnancy & Maternity Pillows

Pregnancy and post-partum are body-heavy work. Give yourself the best support and all the comfort with these sleeping and breastfeeding pillows.

At The Memo, we stock a curated edit of comfy nursing pillows ideal for keeping you comfy when breastfeeding or pregnant.

Choose from some of the best-selling brands in the industry. We are the exclusive stockists of Sleepybelly, a popular pregnancy pillow known for its comfort - it has the tick of approval from the mums on our team, too! Our collection also includes options from Snuggle Me Organic, Growbright and Butterfly Maternity.

Not just for pregnancy, maternity pillows provide breastfeeding support and even sitting support as your child grows. They're compact, and the take-anywhere design is perfect for travel, unlike full-body-length pregnancy pillows.

Nursing Pillows

At The Memo, we’ve made a point of stocking a wide variety of nursing pillows. Choose from a range of different sizes and shapes to find the right fit for you. You can choose different colours, from neutral nudes and greys to fun prints and patterns.

Remember, nursing and breastfeeding pillows are different from pillows for your baby’s cot or room - you can find a wide range of these fun cushions at The Memo, too.

Ready to buy your breastfeeding pillows in Australia? When you shop at The Memo, you can enjoy free delivery Australia-wide on orders over $149*. of our free delivery for all orders over $149*. Plus, we give you 30 days from your purchase date to make a return or exchange (some exclusions apply). We also offer flexible payment methods (hello AfterPay) because we get that having a baby is expensive, and we want to give you options to pay in the most convenient way for you.

Discover our 3 best pregnancy pillows.

What Is the Purpose of a Breastfeeding Pillow?

A breastfeeding pillow is a specially designed pillow that helps to support a baby and mother during breastfeeding. The pillow elevates the baby to a more comfortable position for nursing and also helps to support the mother's back, neck, and arms. Breastfeeding pillows can be used for both nursing and bottle-feeding and can be a helpful tool for mothers who are struggling with positioning or latching issues.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Breastfeeding Pillow?

There are many benefits to using a breastfeeding pillow when nursing your baby. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help position your baby correctly for latch-on and comfortable nursing. A good breastfeeding pillow will also support your back and shoulders, helping to prevent pain during and after nursing. Additionally, using a breastfeeding pillow can help to increase milk production by ensuring that your baby is stimulating your breasts correctly.


What is the difference between a nursing pillow and a regular pillow?

A nursing pillow is specifically designed for breastfeeding, offering better support and positioning for the baby than a regular pillow. A normal pillow can be used, but there are advantages to having a custom nursing pillow to support you and your baby while you’re feeding them.

How can a breastfeeding pillow help with nursing?

A breastfeeding pillow elevates the baby to the right height for breastfeeding, reducing strain on your arms, neck, and back. If you’ve decided to breastfeed, it can be a huge help! The pillow can also be useful for parents becoming used to the positions needed to accurately support a baby while holding them.

At what age of the baby is a breastfeeding pillow most useful?

Breastfeeding pillows are most useful in the early months after birth, particularly when babies can't yet support their own heads. It supports your arms to make sure you’re providing the best support for your growing baby.

Can a nursing pillow be used for bottle feeding as well?

Absolutely! In the same way, the nursing pillow supports those breastfeeding, a nursing pillow can be very helpful to anyone bottle-feeding. The pillow will comfortably position the baby so the person feeding them doesn’t strain their neck, arms or back.

Are there different sizes of breastfeeding pillows available?

Yes, breastfeeding pillows come in various sizes to fit different body types and needs. You can explore various shapes and sizes in our nursing pillow collection at The Memo.

How do I choose the right nursing pillow for my body type?

When choosing a nursing pillow, always check to make sure it fits comfortably around your waist and elevates your baby to the right breastfeeding position. You may need to try a couple of different models - don’t settle until you’ve found the right pillow for you. At The Memo, many of our pillows can be used as maternity pillows to help you sleep or rest while pregnant before becoming supportive nursing pillows.

Can breastfeeding pillows help in reducing back and shoulder pain?

Yes, breastfeeding pillows can help reduce back and shoulder pain by encouraging a more ergonomic nursing posture. You’ll be spending a lot of time nursing your baby in the first few months of its life - it’s important to find the set-up that works for you and that any pillow you buy supports you correctly.

How do I clean and maintain my breastfeeding pillow?

Babies can get messy, especially at feeding time! You will want to pick a breastfeeding pillow with a removable and washable cover so you can easily take care of any spills before they stain or damage the pillow. Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to get the best results.

Are nursing pillows safe for the baby?

Nursing pillows are safe for babies when used under supervision and with proper support.

Can a breastfeeding pillow be used for purposes other than feeding?

Breastfeeding pillows are very versatile. They can be used in the lead-up to birth and as your baby gets older. Many choose to use the pillow as a sleeping support during pregnancy. Nursing pillows can also be used for tummy time as the baby grows, as a resting spot (under supervision) or other ways to support your baby while playing or resting.

What materials are typically used in a breastfeeding pillow?

Breastfeeding pillows are often made from cotton, polyester, and foam, with some using organic or hypoallergenic fabrics. Check the product specifications online at The Memo if there are specific materials you want to include or avoid.

Is it possible to use a nursing pillow while breastfeeding twins?

Special nursing pillows are available for breastfeeding twins, offering wider support for both babies.

How portable are breastfeeding pillows for travel?

Many breastfeeding pillows are designed to be lightweight and compact for travel convenience. You can easily fold this up or pop it in the boot of your car or suitcase for short or longer trips.

Are there eco-friendly or hypoallergenic nursing pillow options available?

If you are looking for hypoallergenic options, consider one of the pillows from Snuggle Me Organic - they are made from organic fabrics and filled with hypoallergenic polyester.

How long can I expect my breastfeeding pillow to last?

The lifespan of a breastfeeding pillow varies based on material and usage but typically lasts through one or more children's breastfeeding periods.