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Welcome to our collection of baby capsule adaptors, where you can find the perfect accessory to make transportation with your baby much more convenient. Our range of high-quality adaptors is designed to fit seamlessly with your baby capsule, ensuring safety and ease of use for busy mums on the go.

Our baby capsule adaptor collection from brands like Jools and UppaBaby is compatible with some of the most popular baby car seating brands, like Maxi Cosi. This means you not only get the highest quality for your prams and seating but can easily mix and match brands to ensure your baby capsule is securely attached to your stroller. Designed to be durable and reliable, our adaptors are essential for any parent looking for a hassle-free travel experience with their baby.

Our baby capsule adaptors collection offers a range of high-quality options to enhance the functionality of your baby gear. With durable construction, easy attachment mechanisms, and compatibility with leading car seat brands, our adaptors provide a practical solution for busy mums looking to simplify their daily routines. Shop our collection today and experience the convenience of baby capsule adaptors for yourself.


What are baby capsule adaptors used for?

Baby capsule adaptors are used to securely attach your baby capsule to your stroller, making it easier to transport your baby from the car to the stroller and vice versa. This allows for a seamless transition without having to disturb your baby's sleep or comfort.

Are baby capsule adaptors easy to attach and detach?

Yes, our baby capsule adaptors are designed to be easy to attach and detach, providing a quick and hassle-free solution for busy parents on the go. With simple instructions and secure mechanisms, you can easily transfer your baby capsule between your car and stroller with ease.

Are all baby capsule adaptors universal?

While many baby capsule adaptors are designed to be universal and compatible with a range of car seat brands, it is important to check the compatibility of the specific adaptor with your baby capsule and stroller. Our collection features adaptors that are known to work seamlessly with leading car seat brands for added convenience.

How do I know which baby capsule adaptor is right for my car seat and stroller?

To ensure compatibility, it is important to check the specifications of your car seat and stroller, as well as the details provided for each baby capsule adaptor in our collection. By matching the adaptor with the correct brand and model of your car seat and stroller, you can ensure a secure fit and reliable performance.