Gifts under $100

Unwrap Joy: Top Baby Gifts Under $100 at The Memo

Finding the perfect gift for a precious baby can be a delightful adventure. But with a budget in mind, the search can feel like a puzzle. Fear not! The Memo's curated collection of baby gifts under $100 bursts with options to spark smiles and giggles, both for the bub and their overjoyed parents. From cuddly companions to developmental delights, we've got something for every baby, ensuring a gift that's both thoughtful and practical.

Choosing the Perfect Present: Consider These Pointers

  • Baby's Age and Stage: Milestones matter! A newborn might adore a soft, plush toy, while an older baby might gravitate towards stacking cups or interactive board books.
  • Parents' Preferences: Reflect their style and values. Eco-conscious parents might appreciate organic options, while minimalist parents might prefer toys that encourage open-ended play.
  • Needs and Wants: Chat with the parents to see if there's anything specific they require, like nappies, wipes, a baby carrier, or a soothing sleep sack.

Gift Ideas Under $100 at The Memo

For the Snuggle Seeker:

  • Opt for a plush toy with soft textures and gentle features, perfect for cuddling and imaginative adventures.
  • Explore swaddle wraps or sleep sacks in soothing fabrics and calming designs to promote restful sleep.
  • Consider a multi-sensory activity gym with vibrant colours, textures, and hanging toys to stimulate baby's senses and encourage tummy time.

For the Playful Explorer:

  • Choose stacking cups, colourful rattles, or textured teething toys to engage little hands and minds.
  • Explore activity spirals or books with engaging characters and sounds, perfect for attaching to strollers, car seats, or cribs for on-the-go fun.
  • Consider interactive toys that spark curiosity and introduce basic concepts, like shape sorting or animal sounds.

For the Fashionable Foodie:

  • Look for stylish and practical feeding essentials like suction plates, easy-grip spoons, or colourful bibs.
  • Explore teething toys made from natural materials like silicone or wood, offering gentle relief for sore gums.
  • Consider reusable food pouches or snack containers for convenient and healthy on-the-go feeding.


What are some good gifts for a baby shower?

Nappies, wipes, cute baby clothes, feeding essentials, and bath products are always welcome. Consider putting together a gift basket or Bunnie Caddie filled with these essentials.

What are some gifts that will grow with the baby?

Stacking cups, board books, ride-on toys, and activity cubes are fantastic choices.