Learning Towers

Step into the world of learning towers

Explore the range of learning towers available at The Memo! These innovative tools are more than just a step stool; they're gateways to adventure and learning for your children. The Memo's range is meticulously curated to offer the best in safety, design, and functionality. Each learning tower in our collection promises to bring your child closer to the heart of your home's activities, fostering a sense of involvement and independence.

Using your learning tower

A learning tower allows your kids to safely join in on many day-to-day tasks, allowing them to learn firsthand by watching you. The learning tower encourages autonomy, enhances motor skills, and nurtures a love for exploration. The Memo's selection includes adjustable options so you can find the perfect fit for your family.

Here are a few ways to use your learning tower to engage your child in different everyday activities:

  • Cooking and Meal Preparation: Kids can use a learning tower to safely reach kitchen countertops and participate in cooking or meal preparation activities. This can include stirring, washing fruits and vegetables, or simply watching and learning.
Arts and Crafts: Placed at a suitable height near a table, learning towers can be used for arts and crafts activities. Children can comfortably engage with the family in painting, drawing, or other creative projects.


What is a learning tower?

A learning tower is a specially designed stool that safely elevates children to counter height. It's a tool that allows kids to reach surfaces like kitchen counters, giving them the chance to participate in activities usually reserved for adults.

What age is a learning tower suitable for?

Learning towers are typically suitable for toddlers from around 18 months to six years old. It's important to consider the individual child's development and readiness to use one safely.

Are learning towers safe?

When used correctly and under supervision, learning towers are safe. They are designed with features like guardrails to prevent falls and are generally stable and sturdy.

What are the benefits of learning towers for kids?

Learning towers foster independence, encourage participation in family activities, and enhance motor skill development. They allow children to engage in tasks at adult height safely, promoting learning and exploration.

What are the benefits of learning towers for parents?

For parents, learning towers offer a way to safely involve children in daily activities, like cooking and washing. This involvement can strengthen bonds and create meaningful family interactions while keeping the child secure.

Are learning towers worth it?

Considering their role in promoting independence, safety, and family interaction, many parents find learning towers a valuable addition to their homes. They offer a practical solution for engaging young children in everyday tasks.