Nail Snail

Innovative three-in-one baby nail clippers created by a mother of three without causing the heartbreak and stress of traditional nail clippers. A wonderfully easy and painless experience, Baby Nail Snail clippers are an essential item in the home of any newborn.

About Nail Snail

Nail Snail is an award-winning baby brand thanks to their revolutionary nail clippers for babies up until five years of age. The brand was created by Australian mother Julia Christie back in 2014 after the birth of her own child. She was frustrated by the traditional nail clippers on the market and their outdated design for children that frequently caused tears and cuts.

Baby Nail Clippers

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you it’s important to keep your baby’s nails trimmed to prevent them scratching themselves. Don’t even bother with traditional clippers and forget biting nails off, simply try the nail snail. The Nail Snail combines a ‘v’ shape precision trimmer and large ergonomic easy-grip handle, allowing for multi-directional cutting. Tears and scrapes will be gone thanks to this innovative tool!

Buy Nail Snail Australia

When you shop for the nail snail at the memo, you can enjoy several exclusive benefits. Add it to part of a bigger order and get free delivery when you spend over $149*. Want to skip the delivery costs altogether? No sweat, we offer click & collect for our Victorian customers that are happy to pick up their orders from our warehouse. Hesitating about buying online? We give you 30 days for returns and exchanges to ensure you get the things you really need and nothing you don’t.

Baby Grooming

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