Maternity & Nursing Bras

Explore our curated collection of maternity and nursing bras. Designed for the modern mother, these bras blend comfort with style. Expect soft fabrics, flexible fits, and supportive designs, ensuring you feel secure and comfortable throughout your maternity and nursing journey.

The Comfort of Motherhood: Our Maternity & Nursing Bra Range

At The Memo, we understand the significance of comfortable, supportive maternity and nursing bras. Our range is designed to cater to the evolving needs of mothers, offering ease during nursing and extra support during pregnancy. These bras are not just functional; they celebrate motherhood, providing comfort without compromising style. From sleek designs to soft, breathable materials, each piece is crafted to make your journey into motherhood as comfortable as it is memorable. They adapt to your changing body, ensuring a perfect fit at every stage.

Unrivalled Comfort & Convenience: Maternity & Nursing Bras

Our maternity and nursing bras are thoughtfully designed to provide unmatched comfort and functionality. They accommodate the unique changes your body experiences, ensuring you feel supported at every step of your motherhood journey. With a focus on ease of use and lasting comfort, these bras are an essential companion for every new mother.

  • Tailored Comfort: Each bra is crafted with adjustable straps and extra-stretch fabric, adapting seamlessly to your changing body.
  • Ease of Nursing: Featuring discreet, easy-to-use clasps, our bras enable effortless breastfeeding, combining convenience with privacy.
  • Style Variety: Choose from an array of colours and patterns, from the understated to the elegant, ensuring a style for every preference.
  • Material Matters: Made with premium, hypoallergenic materials, our bras provide gentle support while being kind to your skin.

Step into Motherhood with Confidence and Comfort

As you navigate the beautiful yet challenging pregnancy journey, finding the proper support is crucial. Our maternity and nursing bras are more than just undergarments; they blend comfort, support, and style tailored to your new life chapter. Explore our carefully selected range, where functionality meets comfortable support. We also offer efficient breast pumps and stylish, comfortable maternity wear for those looking to complete their maternity toolkit. Each product is designed with your needs in mind, ensuring you feel supported, confident, and ready to embrace the joys of parenthood.


What is a maternity bra?

A maternity bra is designed for pregnancy, providing enhanced support, comfort, and flexibility. Unlike regular bras, they are made with stretchable fabrics and wider straps to accommodate the natural growth and sensitivity of breasts during this time, ensuring comfort and health.

What are the different types of maternity bras?

Maternity bras come in various styles, including seamless for smooth comfort under clothing, underwired for extra support, and sports bras for active mothers. Each type caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit for every stage of pregnancy.

When to buy maternity/nursing bras?

It's best to buy a maternity or nursing bra when your regular bras become uncomfortable, typically in the second trimester. This ensures you have the right support as your body changes, providing comfort and ease for the duration of your pregnancy and nursing period.

What size maternity bra to buy?

Choose a size that fits snugly on the loosest hook to allow for breast growth throughout your pregnancy. It's a good idea to get professionally measured for an accurate and comfortable fit, especially as your body changes during this time.

How to use a nursing bra?

A nursing bra is designed with clasps or panels on the cups that can be easily opened, often with one hand, for quick breast access during feeding. This allows for discreet and convenient nursing, providing comfort and ease for both you and your baby.