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10 Baby Essentials That Get Top Reviews From New Parents

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This whole having a baby thing is kind of a big deal. You need stuff, but not as much as you might think. 

This whole having a baby thing is kind of a big deal. You’re feeling all the feels, everything is about to change and you need stuff, but not as much as you might think. Let’s get you the stuff you need. Like, actually need. Not the nice-to-haves. Not the for-a-rainy-day. Not the just-because-it’s-cute (note: it’s all cute). We’re bringing you the stuff that will make your life easier, and maybe get you some more sleep along the way.

Read on for the 10 baby essentials new parents have given their top reviews to. Guaranteed to be used, needed and loved by you and your baby, daily.

1. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss

“This adorable little bouncer is perfect for bub and it's light enough for me to drag around room to room with one hand.” - Kimberly S.

We love this bouncer to help keep your hands-free and baby entertained right from the moment they’re born up until two years of age. Our customer Kimberly S. calls it ‘practical but still cute’ and we wholeheartedly agree, as it comes in a wide range of beautiful muted shades. We can also totally get on board with another customer’s advice (Tijana I’) "excellent to put baby in while mum has a shower too!"


2. Comotomo baby bottles

“They're so easy to clean, which once you try cleaning other bottles you realise is so important!” - Holly M.

Zoe Foster Blake is a huge fan, and so are we. This is seriously the bottle to end all baby bottles. This innovative design mimics mum’s breast (well as much as it possibly can) and even has a squeezy feel to the teat. The teat is shaped just like a real nipple to help babies latch on with ease and avoid nipple confusion, which many of our customers attest to!


3. Leander Matty Change Mat

“This is the best change mat. I came across this for my third baby (wish I knew sooner). Sturdy, transportable and easy to wipe! Have no idea why they make the others. Nothing compares!!” - Sarah B.

If you know, you know! Our community has spoken with their wallets because this is hands-down one of our bestselling baby essentials. We love the Matty Change Mat thanks to being ultra portable (move it around the house as you need), and 100% waterproof just wipe and it's clean.


4. Little Wiwa Play Mat

“This was a really big considered purchase for our family but from the moment we received it, we kept on saying we should have purchased it sooner...My baby is sitting up and often falls still and the padding is really thick so definitely helps to cushion the fall…” - Wendy.

We can't talk about baby essentials without mentioning their play mat. Whether you’ve got floorboards or carpet, they’re a must-have to cushion any falls and safeguard against any accidents leaking into your carpet. We love the Little Wiwa play mats thanks to being plush, waterproof and made from 100% sustainable and non-toxic foam.


5. Love to Dream Swaddle

“It's one of those products you'll have recommended to you when you're pregnant and it seems kind of abstract. Then you have your baby, you try swaddling while in hospital, your baby's arms escape within minutes every time and then you try the Love To Dream and it all makes sense!” - Holly M.

If your baby turns out to be an arms up sleeper, then this is exactly what you need to dress them in! It’s a very clever design with two way zips for easy access to change a nappy in the middle of the night, button clasps at the arms for when it's time to transition your baby's arms out (when they show signs of starting to roll). The swaddle is firm and tight, but also allows for your baby to have movement with their arms (it's not a straight jacket), but not so much movement to have their startle reflex wake them.


6. Haakaa Breast Pump

“This pump was so helpful when my milk came in to relieve discomfort. I was also able to use it during feeds to catch my letdown from the alternate breast and store this in the freezer. A must have for breastfeeding mums.”- Arnikka De K.

If you want something fuss-free and economical to help with breastfeeding, the Haakaa Breast Pump is your girl. It’s easy to use, doesn’t make a peep, and is essential for dealing with sore, cracked nipples if you really want to breastfeed. It’s not the fastest pump in the world (save that for Medela), but it gets the job done reliably.


7. Breast Ice and Heat Pack

“I used the ice and heat packs during an episode of bad mastitis. They provided relief from the pain and helped to reduce swelling between feeds. Definitely recommend.”- Ashleigh R.

Not to put you in a bad mood, but pregnancy and childbirth naturally come with a little pain. To help you deal with it, you absolutely must get yourself the ice and heat pack from Body Ice. Carefully designed to help soothe discomfort, pain and swelling that you may experience from breastfeeding, blocked milk ducts and engorgement, this pack comes with two comfy breast pads and sleeves, to provide cooling or warming relief to your breasts.


8. Whish White Noise Machine

“Since ours arrived, we have had much longer stretches of sleep! Not only are the typical white noise sounds amazing for bub at night, but it also has relaxing spa like music we use at bath time too!”- Laurie H.

Think of it as something for bub, but secretly also for you (because sleep, glorious sleep!!) A white noise machine can be seriously helpful in getting your baby off to la la land and is also recommended by sleep consultants. This one has 16 different sound options and even plays all night long. Bring on a longer and more restful sleep cycle now!


9. Active X Unisex Baby Backpack

“Expecting first child in January 2021 and was looking for a nappy bag that wasn't a big, bulky, shoulder bag. Lots of pockets & room for all that we need to leave the house, plus partner will be able to wear/use it as well.” - Ash H.

This one is just as much for you as it is for dad. It’s about time that someone invented a unisex baby bag and the legends at Active X have done just that! It includes a change mat, five internal pockets for organisation, three insulated baby bottle holders, two external pockets for water bottles and baby wipes, and a key leash. Staying put together, organised and on-trend has never looked better.


10. Wean Meister Freezer Pods

“I love how convenient these are to use. Before purchasing I was freezing food in jars and little containers so the freezer was full! Perfect sized portions for my little 6 month old”- Dajana M.

They’re probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you’re thinking about baby gear, but boy are they handy! When your little one gets to the weaning stage, you seriously can’t do without the freezer pods from Wean Meister. BPA-free, they’re made from a high-grade silicone so totally safe for baby to eat from. Pre-prepare a big batch of baby food at a time and portion out into these pods before freezing.


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