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How to Parent Your Little One By Their Zodiac

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The astrology hack that will change the way you parent.

As an astrologer and a mother, one of the things I’m most commonly asked (along with, “When will the world improve!?”) is what role astrology plays in my parenting. Questions like, “Did you plan to have a Libra?” are common (and for the record, the answer is no). The truth is, while my babies’ sun signs (aka their ‘star sign’) helps me understand how they see the world, it’s their moon sign I lean on most often. To figure out what your baby’s moon sign is, you’ll need to cast their birth chart.

What is a birth chart?

A birth chart is like a snapshot of the sky (from the perspective of the earth), from the moment they took their first breath. By looking at that picture, we can analyse the position that the planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars etc) and luminaries (the Sun and Moon). The signs each body is in (the zodiac signs) and the patterns and shapes they make with each other (known as aspects) describe different flavours to their personality.

It all comes together as a kind of ingredient list that makes up the astrology of you (which just happens to be the name of my new book! Boom tish!). If you think of their chart like an ingredient list it helps make sense of how two children can both have the same astro signatures (like the same Sun or Moon sign) but present completely differently. Flour and eggs make pasta, but they can also make a cake.

What is a moon sign and what does it say about my child?

The moon sign is simply the zodiac sign the moon was in when your child was born. The moon changes signs every 2.5 days, which means it’s the fastest moving body in our birth chart. In astrology, the moon represents our inner emotional world, describing how we process emotions and what we need to feel safe and loved. It is instinctive, intuitive and intrinsically linked with our nurturing style – both in the sense of how our children nurture others, and how they like to be nurtured. Understanding what motivates your child on an emotional level offers amazing insight, and helps explain (difficult) situations, frame (tricky) conversations, and comfort them in a way that feels truly nourishing.

What is a sun sign and what does it say about my child?

The sun sign is much more connected to the way our kids rationalise things. Think of it like an IG filter that they see the world through. While it’s not, not important, their sun sign tends not to show up as strongly in young kids because, well, young kids aren’t very rational (no, just me and mine?).

So without further ado, here is a quick reference guide to understanding your babe’s moon sign. For more astro insights, follow Emma on Instagram or check out my her book The Astrology Of You: Finding Love, Creativity and Soul Purpose In Your Birth Chart.

Moon in Aries

Winning and losing will feel extra intense for these babes who feel life is one big competition.

Natural instincts: There’s no second-guessing these kids, if they don’t like something, you’ll know all about it. Yes, they’ll get fired up, but they’ll also get over things just as quickly as they kicked off.

How to support them: Gamifying tasks you find tricky (think: hair washing, getting ready for day care, eating broccoli) will speak to their competitive spirit.

Moon in Taurus

These babes may seem more bowerbird than bull, thoughtfully collecting toys, books, flowers, rocks – anything that catches their eye.

Natural instincts: Calm yet stubborn, they’re not afraid to dig in their heels if they don’t want to do something. Maintaining the status quo makes their heart sing.

How to support them: These gentle souls need time to get their head around change. Master the art of transitions by giving them as much notice (e.g. We’re leaving to go to Nona’s in 10 minutes’ or ‘We’ll have to pack your bag for school after this Bluey’s finished’) as possible.

Moon in Gemini

“But why?” is the moon in Gemini’s child’s catch cry. Asking questions, learning new skills and observing the world around them are their favourite past times.

Natural instincts: These curious little folks are emotionally sated by play, variety and chatter. Talking and storytelling helps them process what’s going on.

How to support them: Explaining your rationale will help Moon in Gem kiddos to accept difficult decisions…like why they can’t have the light on to read all night. When they’re out of sorts, a change of scenery will work wonders to pep them up too.


Moon in Cancer

Sweet, sensitive and hugely empathetic, moon in Cancer kids have so much love to give.

Natural instincts: Feeling big Feelings (with a capital F) are the Cancerian moon’s default setting. Don’t be surprised if they’re brought to tears by an episode of Bluey… or a life insurance ad, and whatever you do, don’t make them feel embarrassed about it.

How to support them: These sensitive souls need lots of reassurance, cuddles and TLC. Give them the chance to flex their Care Bear muscle by having them play parent to a plant or pet.

Moon in Leo

There’s a sunshine-y quality to Moon in Leo kids who light up the room with their generosity and cheer.

Natural instinct: Brave, sometimes boisterous and always proud, Leo moon kids could fool you into thinking nothing bothers them…but deep down they really want you to praise whatever they’re doing.

How to support them: Like tiny rockstars, these cuties thrive on being noticed. Hide your phone and get down on the floor to play without distraction – the toddler equivalent to selling out a stadium.

Moon in Virgo

The zodiac’s little helper, if ever a moon sign was worthy of a ‘support crew’ emblazoned onesie, Virgo moons are it.

Natural instinct: Fixing, sorting, problem-solving, these kids get a kick out of being given a job and feeling like they’re genuinely helping out.

How to support them: No sign is quite as hard on themselves, so nip negative self-talk in the bud early on and encourage lots of positive affirmations.


Moon in Libra

Even when they’re little, moon in Libra people are on a mission to keep the peace, and yearn to be liked.

Natural instinct: These tiny diplomats are gifted at bringing kids together and including everyone in their games. Expect “It’s not fair!” to be bandied around with abandon if their equilibrium is upset.

How to support them: Encourage them to make decisions away from other people (both big and small) to help them become more in tune with what they want as opposed to what would make the people around them happy.

Moon in Scorpio

Parents of a Scorpio moon child will be all too familiar with one word above all else: “Mine!”. The desire to be in charge is part of their astrological DNA.

Natural instinct: These intense little souls can feel extra protective of the things they care about the most, especially their most trusted people.

How to support them: Trust is their most precious currency. Don’t rush into playdates without consulting them first. They can take a while to warm up to new people (friends, siblings, etc) but once you’re ‘in’, there’s no sign more loyal.

Moon in Sagittarius

For these little firecrackers, a sense of agency is key. They burn bright and colourful and thrive in situations where they feel they can make their own way.

Natural instinct: From what they want to eat to who they want to play with, there’s no grey area with these kids who truly know their mind. What they like (and don’t) could change daily. Life is definitely never dull with a Sagittarius moon.

How to support them: Even when they don’t really have a choice, making them feel like they do can make everyday tasks less painful. If you’re struggling to make progress, present them with two options so they feel they have the freedom to choose.


Moon in Capricorn

Strong, loyal and sometimes a little stoic, moon in Capricorn folks have grit and determination on tap.

Natural instinct: These ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ kids can hold back on telling you how they’re really feeling them. Don’t take, “fine” on face value. Dig deeper.

How to support them: Staying true to your word is everything for these old souls. Manage their expectations, if you say you’ll take them to the park, take them to the park. If you’re not sure you’ll get there, don’t mention it at all.

Moon in Aquarius

Aquarian moons are another fiercely independent (and often stubborn) sign. If they don’t like something (7:00pm bedtime, we’re looking at you) don’t be surprised if you’re frozen out.

Natural instinct: Find something they care about – LEGO, dinosaurs, Teeny Tiny Stevies – and let them go to town. Connecting with kids who are equally as passionate about their jam will make them feel ah-mazing.

How to support them: These independent thinkers love reasoning. Explain why you have to do things a certain way, and if they’re unconvinced, let them try their way and see firsthand why it won’t work.

Moon in Pisces

Dreamy, sensitive and often perpetually late, Moon in Pisces little ones are nourished by imagination and creativity.

Natural instinct: These tiny idealists can’t help giving all of themselves over to the object of their affection. Play it safe and set an extra place at the table for whatever lost soul they drag home – stray animals, new kids and imaginary friends.

How to support them: Accept that Moon In Pisces people operate on their own timeline. Build in plenty of fat to your schedule if you want to be on time and make peace with the fact that they’ll probably still make you run late.


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