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These Are the Top Baby Name Trends for 2023

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Grandpas, neo-cowboys, Stranger Things and the sun are your inspo.

Every year sites like Nameberry and The Bump publish the top baby naming trends for the coming year and it's really the first time you see the names that are soon to be big. Like Vanity Fair's Young Hollywood edition. These aren't the most popular names, Olivia and Noah, Liam and Emma still claim those top spots, these are the unique names that your little one will be in daycare with. These names are broken into trends, so we're breaking them down, giving you the reason behind them, and telling you why you might just want to call your baby girl Ira.

TREND: Maximalism

Names: Amadeus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cleopatra, Esmeray, Lazarus, Magnus, Myfanwy, Oberon, Octavius, Ophelia, Persephone, Venus, Wednesday, Wolfgang, Zebedee.

The reason you’ll use them: These are names that give confident, main character energy. The reason? We’ve moved on from Marie Kondo and minimalism. Now, our favourite shows are Bridgerton and House of Dragons, home decor has ruffles and piping again, and baby names are getting grander. Amadeus and Myfanwy are fast rising on Nameberry this year, extravagance is in people. Looking for a unique option? Look to mythology, legends, history, fantasy, literature or even anime.

TREND: Retro

Names: Arlo, Bobbie, Chrissy, Eddie, Ferris, Frankie, Joey, Johnny, Laurel, Lenny, Lou, Marty, Max, Miller, Monroe, Murphy, Ned, Robin, Rudy, Sandy, Scottie, Sloane, Stevie, Teddy, Travis, Penny.

The reason you’ll use them: This is the return of the 80s names. Are you surprised? Kate Bush is back at #1. Kitchens are green again. Yes, Stranger Things is largely responsible. When brainstorming for these kinds of names, look to your parent’s friendship group and think, is that name so out, it might be in? Marty, Billy, Robin and Heather are gaining popularity. You can also look to your grandads, but note, these names are for girls. Yep, Grandpa names for girls is a thing. This trend has a few sub trends Grandpa names for girls. Ira, Lenny, Lou, Clarke, Ozzie and Rudy may have once been men playing chess in the park, but now they're wearing tutus to playgroup.

TREND: Gilded

Names: Apollo, Aura, Aurelia, Elio, Eos, Goldie, Glow, Halo, Helios, Lucien, Mux, Ochre, Oriana, Orla, Phoebe, Shine, Soleil, Sterling, Sunday, Sunny, Suvi, Zora.

The reason you’ll use them: They’re the light of your life, so name them as such. Parents are attracted to these optimistic, bright, lavish names that directly reference the sun: Apollo, Helios, Sunny, a precious metal: Sterling, Goldie, or light: Lux, Aura, Shine. A name that makes people smile and feel warm doesn’t seem a bad way to start off a new life.

TREND: Sci-Fi Cowboy

Names: Beck, Brando, Dallas, Dutton, Ennis, Foster, Hawkins, Jones, Lloyd, Ridge, Rhett, Royal, Steele, Tex, Wade, Wilder, Zane.

The reason you’ll use them: Royal went straight to the top of the name charts after Amazon dropped Outer Range, a Sci-fi Western with a protagonist named, of course, Royal. Yellowstone’s Dutton and 1883s Ennis have also helped cement the trend, but these names are actually pretty classic. A bit outdoorsy, rugged and a throwback to simpler times.

TREND: 4-2-i

Names: Avni, Bibi, Esti, Ezri, Gigi, Indi, Joni, Kali, Kiri, Leni, Lili, Lumi, Mari, Mavi, Mimi, Rafi, Rani, Remi, Rumi, Suki, Tavi, Yuki, Zuri

The reason you’ll use them: These names are constructed with a very specific formula: Four letters, two syllables and ending in “i”. These names are unique, but recognisable, easy to say and unlikely to get shortened. They also have a cultural transience as they aren’t tied to any one language, and could work anywhere in the world. If you’re a globetrotting family, it might be just the thing.

TREND: Adjectives

Names: Brave, Celestian, Divine, Epic, Eternal, Glorious, Heavenly, Icy, Legendary, Loyal, Lucky, Noble, Powerful, Righteous, Savvy, Stellar, Supreme, True, Valiant, Wild, Zealous

The reason you’ll use them: This is a celebrity trend, but one with some sticking power. Prolific father Nick Cannon has Moroccan, Golden, Legendary and Powerful. The Kardashian/Jenner clan have Reign, Stormi and True. Jessica Hart’s son is Glorious. Virtue names were typically nouns, but as adjectives, they’re more impactful and dramatic. Intentional, rather than inspirational.

TREND: Blue-Green

Names: Azure, Bluebell, Blues, Caspian, Cerulean, Cielo, Cyan, Emerald, Fern, Forest, Halcyon, Indigo, Ivy, Lazuli, Marina, Moss, Navy, Ocean, Raney, Rivers, Rush, Sage, Sapphire, Sky, Storm, Wave.

The reason you’ll use them: This feels like the next evolution of the nature names trend that’s been around for a while. Blues and greens are calming, peaceful names which hopefully manifest a child with a similar disposition. If as a parent, the forest or ocean is your happy place, these names might just be the perfect fit.

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