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Unique Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names

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100 names you'll want on your list.

We've talked about how to choose a baby name (being on the lookout, noting any favourites, Googling them to check it isn't the name of a criminal in the 1920s, and then, ofcourse, not telling a soul), but you might still need some ideas. You want unique baby names, unusual buy names and rare girl names. Something a little out of the box, something different, something that won't make them one of five X Æ A-Xii in the class (imagine!). Ahead, fifty unique boy names and fifty unique girl names.

Unusual Girl Names

Baby girl names that are rare, special and absolutely beautiful

  1. Astara - This lovely sounding name is also a city in Iran.
  2. Athena - Goddess of wisdom, skill and warfare, and Zesus' favourite child.
  3. Avant - Very fashion, no?
  4. Azalea - As in Iggy. Very fancy.
  5. Beatrix - In Latin it means "she who brings happiness".
  6. Beryl - What's old is new again.
  7. Blaire - Gossip Girl OG forever.
  8. Brax - Daughter of Drax The Destroyer
  9. Chia - This is sweet.
  10. Callie - Greek for "most beautiful".
  11. Cecily - A name that's definietly due for resurgence.
  12. Clementine - It has a song, and a fruit emoji.
  13. Clover - So sweet, and it feels nice to say.
  14. Daisy - Also due for a comeback. Also an emoji.
  15. Davina - The feminine version of David.
  16. Dinah - Retro and also the name of Alice's cat in Alice In Wonderland.
  17. Elna - A similar but more unusual version of Eleanor?
  18. Edie - You'll never get tired of calling out this one.
  19. Esmeralda - THis one has so many beautiful nicknames, "Esme, Es, Alda".
  20. Etta - If Ella was the new Emma, Etta is the new Ella.
  21. Everly - A rare girls name that needs to be used more.
  22. Fedora - For hat lovers.
  23. Flora - The Roman goddess of flowers.
  24. Folk - A whimsical name meaning "people"
  25. Fox - Sweet and smart.
  26. Gimlet - A cocktail popular in the Jazz Age.
  27. Inez - She already sounds cool.
  28. Ione - A sea nymphe in Greek mytology.
  29. Jovi - Fun and sweet.
  30. June - There is something quite strong about June.
  31. Lennox - The new Alex that's equally as useable for boys or girls.
  32. Lottie - Short for Charlotte or just a great stand-alone name.
  33. Lyla - An acronym for "Love You Lots Always".
  34. Maple - Sweet and syrupy to say.
  35. Minnie - She will be your "mini" so this is accurate.
  36. Nola - Could be short for Magnolia.
  37. Odette - The name of the princess in Swan Lake.
  38. Pandora - Before she opened the box, Pandora was a beautiful mortal gifted and beloved by the gods.
  39. Pearl - Just a really great name that goes with everything.
  40. Rebel - No one puts Rebel in the corner.
  41. Snow - A name from nature that's not used enough.
  42. Sloane - It means raider.
  43. Sybil - Time to bring this one back from the horror film genre.
  44. Tulle - Girly and unexpected.
  45. Ursula - A big name that references a sea witch and a Bond girl.
  46. Vera - A Russian name meaning "faith".
  47. Viola - Classic and so pretty baby a rare baby girls name.
  48. Winona - Other than Ryder, this isn't used much.
  49. Yara - The new Sara, just maybe not if you live in Victoria.
  50. Zinnia - A flower name you haven't heard of.

Still can't decide? How about girls names that mean strong?


    Unusual Boys Names

    Quirky baby boy names, that are a little weird and totally wonderful.

    1. Ace - A winning name.
    2. Alden - It means "old friend", which is very lovely.
    3. Atticus - From the most-read highschool text: To Kill a Mockingbird.
    4. Atlas - The Greek god sentenced to hold up the world.
    5. Aubrey - A rare baby name for a boy or a girl, it means "elf leader" in Old German.
    6. Baron - Could hang with the Kardashian kids easy.
    7. Beat - Particularly great if you're hoping for a musician.
    8. Beethoven - Another one for music lovers. Or big dog lovers, depending on your cultural interests.
    9. Bento - It's a great lunch, and a great name.
    10. Bryn - It's Welsh for "hill".
    11. Calvin - Cal will be your pal.
    12. Chopan - A town in India and definitely a unique boy name.
    13. Cub - It could be short for something more formal (Charles or Christopher), or it could be the whole name.
    14. Dali - No one had more fun or marched to their own drum more than Salvador Dali.
    15. Dries - A bit modern, a bit old-world, all very cool.
    16. East - Could also hang with the K kids.
    17. Edison - More fun than Edward and you still get the cute nickname Eddie.
    18. Emery - Meaning "Industrious", which could come in handy.
    19. Finley - More popular now, but still edgy.
    20. Frank - Sometimes the most obvious is the most unique.
    21. Godric - For the Harry Potter fans.
    22. Gulliver - Bound to have adventures.
    23. Hamlet - "Ham" is too cute not to use.
    24. Hopper - The hero of Stranger Things.
    25. Icarus - He flew too close to the sun, but these days we're all about big dreams.
    26. Ignatious - Latin for "fiery one".
    27. Indiana - He'll go on crusades with Gulliver.
    28. Judd - Like Jude but a more unique baby name.
    29. Kale - Even if it's not your favourite to eat, it's a great name.
    30. Leopold - And oldie due for a reboot.
    31. Loki - the mischevious Norse god.
    32. Magnus - Name of the world's best chess player.
    33. Major - One for a rooster, not a lamb.
    34. Milo - A name that will always make you smile.
    35. Nico - Aussies always put an "o" on the end of everything, so you might as well have control over it.
    36. Oak - Strong but sweet.
    37. Orson - A name that won't get short
    38. Roman - He'd do it more justice than Roman Roy.
    39. Rudolf - Santa's fave reindeer and also a quite formal name.
    40. Ryder - Sounds cool and edgy, but is also the surname of the protagonist in Brideshead Revisited.
    41. Sanford - Already sounds like he's running the Zoom meetings.
    42. Seven - A name and a number.
    43. Spike - Cool and easy.
    44. Talin - Could be brothers with Spike.
    45. Thor - Actually very common in Scandinavia.
    46. Van - Great if your last name is a mouthful.
    47. Watson - Cool and nostalgic.
    48. Wes - And ode to your favourite filmmaker?
    49. Wolfgang - Shorten to Wolfie.
    50. Zen - Parenting has got to be easier if your baby's named Zen.


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