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The Stroller That Saved My Back

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Everyone tells you motherhood is a labour of love, but it’s also a profound physical labour.

As an earth sign, I feel deeply grounded in my key essentials and think less-is-more when it comes to baby products. In preparing for motherhood, I focused on manifesting my birth and how to best support my first forty days after birth (golden month). Everything else took a back seat.

Everyone tells you motherhood is a labour of love, but they don’t mention the profound physical labour. I am 159cm and weigh roughly 50 kg but despite my slight build, I also have fourteen years of dedicated yoga practice (six years of teaching) under my belt, and before becoming a mum would spend all my spare time on my mat or doing some form or movement. I'm strong and fit, but even still, my body was not prepared for the lugging, carrying, rocking, squatting, twisting and pushing around a growing baby. And once they arrive, finding time to support your body with gentle strength work feels nearly impossible.

My daughter always carried extra weight as a baby, so I never nailed the baby carrier and truth be told, I resented my pram for being so heavy. I, like many before me, was led to believe that buying a pram is like investing in a small car. And with precious cargo on the board, you need the safest ride there is. You translate "safe" as big and end up with something almost the size of a small car, that barely fits in your own car and takes an engineering degree to put up and take down. The truth is that big prams are often impractical (don’t fit in the doors of most cafes), are heavy (taxing on your back) and take up your entire boot space (meaning you have to choose how much groceries get done at one time). Another truth is that most babies outgrow their bassinet in three months, and many can sit upright comfortably before six months. Little did I know that my pram didn't need to be for life investment.

Right when I was starting feel like going out solo with my daughter was more trouble than it was worth, I as suggested the YOYO² Stroller. This lightweight, zippy, back-sympathetic, travel-friendly soon became new parenting 'best friend' and saviour of my back.

This is why I love it so much.

You can travel like a boss

We recently visited my folks in NSW, and I have to say I felt like our YOYO² Stroller made things a lot more seamless, especially in the height of a pandemic. It folds into a wearable handbag (in two swift moves,) is light enough to carry whilst wrangling your busy toddler and fits seamlessly in the overhead compartment. Way fewer touch points equal way less stress. The stroller folds down harmoniously in the boot on more day-to-day usage. I know some parents store theirs in the car permanently.

Carries the right amount of stuff

Every parent can relate to going to the supermarket multiple times a day, and the carrier at the bottom of the YOYO² Stroller holds a surprising amount of paraphernalia. A roast chook, some salad supplies, my daughter's toy, a sippy cup and a small bag of nappies -genius.

It's zippy and easy to manoeuvre

No jackknifing with this one. The wheels are ultra zippy and pivot beautifully even on some uneven terrain. It's for daily use and transports your child to the supermarket, to the children's farm, our local watering hole and of course, the playground.

They hold BIG kid status

My daughter was an early mover, taking her first steps at ten months and then running by eleven months. Like many kids, with her newfound independence, there is a phase where one questions, "is it time to say goodbye to the pram?" The YOYO² Stroller came at the perfect time as it allowed her to independently climb in, sit up straight and drink in her surroundings. I even find her posture to be better sitting in this than our old pram. Now at 2.5 years of age, we are still riding that wave.

It's streamlined and sexy

The design means no collapsing handlebars (the leather on the YOYO² Stroller handle is luxe). It's not chunky and ugly but clean and sophisticated.

It's safe and secure

Four straps ensure they are securely fastened and buckled in, making it super safe. The stroller also has excellent back support for a growing spine and has a shield for extreme weather days.

I hear so many parents who, like me, buy a big, expensive pram only to buy the yoyo a few months later as their "travel pram" and then never use the big pram again because it's so much easier. So now, when a friend tells me about their baby shopping, I wax lyrical about the YOYO² (which also comes as a newborn set) and try my hardest to convince them to avoid the hassle and jump straight to the solution. I promise you, you won't regret it.

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