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The 6 Best Baby Bottle Sterilisers in Australia in 2022

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If you're going to be bottle feeding, then you'll also be sterilising! Whether you opt for breast, formula, or a bit of both, as soon as you involve a baby bottle, it's vital that you get into a feed - clean - sterilise routine too. Keep reading to find out why sterilising is important, how it works, and the best baby bottle sterilisers in Australia available at The Memo.

What is a baby bottle steriliser & why you need it?

A steriliser for baby bottles is a device that uses steam to kill bacteria. Milk is a potential breeding ground for bacteria and given babies have weak immune systems, they are particularly susceptible to infections. For this reason, it's vital that you sterilise your feeding equipment (and dummies) after every feed to maintain optimal hygiene. Whilst you can sterilise equipment using boiling water alone, many new parents prefer to use a steam steriliser for convenience. They are very effective, work quickly, and are cost effective.

How to use a baby bottle steriliser?

A bottle sterilizer is really easy and quick to use. It's important to remember that you need to clean your baby's bottle after each feed using hot, soapy water before using your steriliser. Once clean, you can boil, steam, or use the microwave to sterilise the bottle and any feeding accessories. A steam steriliser works by putting your bottle and teats into the unit, adding water, and turning it on - the steam reaches a high enough temperature to kill bacteria. Microwave sterilisation works similarly and you simply put your unit into the microwave to work.

When can you stop sterilising baby bottles?

When your baby is at least a year old, you can consider stopping sterilising your baby bottles and teats. During their first year, it's really important to consistently sterilise after every feed to make sure your child stays safe from infection.

Types of baby bottle sterilisers

There are many different types of baby sterilisers on the market including:

  • Microwave: Unit goes into the microwave and high temperatures kill bacteria.
  • Steam: Unit is turned on with water inside, and the steam reaches a high enough temperature to kill bacteria.
  • Electric: Another name for 'steam sterilisers'
  • UV baby bottle steriliser
  • Cold-water: Also known as 'chemical sterilising'. This method uses an antibacterial solution or type of bleach that’s diluted with water, so it’s safe for your baby but strong enough to kill bacteria.

What to look for when buying a bottle steriliser?

When it comes to deciding which baby bottle steriliser is right for your newborn, there are a few things to consider.

  • Portability: Do you travel frequently? Consider opting for a smaller sterilising unit or sterilising bags.
  • Space: How big is your kitchen? If you're dealing with space issues, then you'll want to consider something relatively small or alternatively sterilising bags.
  • Size: Sure it's impressive that a unit can sterilise 8+ bottles, but if you've only got one child and are primarily breastfeeding, then it might make more sense to get a smaller unit. Similarly, if you've got twins then opt for the big gun!
  • In-built dryer: If you don't have space for a drying rack, then consider opting for a steriliser-dryer inone.

The 6 Best Baby Bottle Sterilisers in 2022

1. Microwave Steam Steriliser from Philips Avent

Choose this one if you have space for another gadget and want something super quick. Only essential if you’re bottle feeding, this handy tool from industry leaders Philips Avent can be used to sterilise up to four baby bottles as well as other products like dummies, in just two minutes, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Simply chuck in the microwave and contents will remain sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened.

Features of Microwave Steam Steriliser:

  • Includes 1 x Microwave Steriliser and Tongs
  • Sterilisers up to four bottles in two minutes
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to travel with

2. One Step Steriliser-Dryer Advanced from Baby Brezza

Choose this one if you have twins or want to be able to steriliser lots of bottles and accessories at once. Automatically sterilises and dries your baby’s bottles, pump parts, soothers and accessories quickly and easily. If you're mixed feeding (bottle, expressing and breast) this would be a handy friend that saves you time and sanity. The revolutionary appliance kills 99.9% of germs with natural steam, and then automatically dries your accessories 33% faster. It has the largest capacity of any steriliser in the market, holding 8 bottles, 2 breast pump part sets, soothers and accessories from any brand. The inbuilt HEPA filter ensures it dries with 95% germ-free air.

Features of One Step Steriliser-Dryer:

  • Sterilises and dries bottles and accessories
  • Holds 8 bottles, 2 breast pump sets, soothers and teats
  • LCD control panel with 4 different functions (Sterilise and Dry, Sterilise Only, Dry Only, Storage Rack)

3. 2 in 1 UV Steriliser from New Beginnings

Choose this one if you want something that uses less energy. A high-tech steriliser and dryer that uses UV light to kill germs. High tech and low fuss, the New Beginnings UV Steriliser and Dryer is the perfect compact unit you need to dry, sterilise and store your bottles, teats, sippy cups and accessories. Using UV light technology, the design kills all germs and bacteria more quickly and effectively than traditional methods using low rate energy.

Features of UV Steriliser:

  • No mess, no chemicals needed
  • Great for teething toys and feeding tool
  • Sterilises four bottles at one time in 11 minutes and 41 minutes to dry.

4. Microwave Steriliser Bags from New Beginnings

Choose this one if you're looking for something travel-friendly. These innovative sterilising bags allow you to clean your bottles and disinfect breastfeeding accessories in less than three minutes. Much like a traditional steriliser you just pop them in your microwave and add water. The best part about these bags is that they take up zero room, so you can keep them in your bag for when you need to sterilise on the go (think family holidays, Nanna and Pa's and also at work if you are expressing).

Features of Microwave Bags:

  • Use up to 20 times and sterilises in 3 minutes
  • Great for travel
  • Good for limited space in kitchen

5. Steriliser and Dryer from Minbie

Choose this one if you're looking for a steriliser and dryer in-one. A quick and efficient steam sanitiser and steriliser for kid's bottles and accessories used to kill germs. The Minbie Steriliser & Dryer uses an ultra hygienic steam and clean-air drying process to remove 99.9% harmful germs. Whether you are mixed feeding or formula feeding, you will no doubt go through a multitude of bottles, and this device ensures that all your equipment is clean.

Features of Minbie Steriliser:

  • Sterilises in 5 minutes
  • Sterilise up to 6 bottles plus accessories at a single time.

6. Quick Clean Microwave Bags from Medela

Choose this if you have no space in your kitchen. Single-use sterilising bags that allow you to clean your bottles and disinfect breastfeeding accessories in less than three minutes. When you go on your first family holiday and your carry-on is at capacity and your luggage explodes at the seams, these will be your saving grace. Most parents' change rooms in shopping centres also have microwaves, so they are great to have on hand when you're out for the day.

Features of Medela Microwave Bags:

  • 5 microwave bags per pack
  • Takes 3 minutes to sterilise a bottle

Looking for more? Discover our complete edit of bottle sterilisers now including baby bottle cleaner, bottle accessories, and baby bottle drying racks. For more advice, take a read of our article on the best baby bottles in Australia now.

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