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Glass Baby Bottles Are the Newest Thing in Eco-Parenting

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Better for the planet, easy to clean and microplastic-free.

When the first baby bottle entered the market, it was made of glass, but society quickly moved into plastic. With a high consumer demand for sustainable products, a recent study showing that 85% of consumers have become ‘greener’ in their purchasing in recent years, it’s no wonder glass bottles are back on trend. Enter BIBS Bottles. BIBS the brand first made its debut in the 1970’s introducing the statement “cherry pacifier”. It was a strong product, but it wasn’t until a recent redesign that it the dummy to have, “The pacifier has been popular since it came on the market in the 70s, but after we got it fine-tuned and upgraded in the design, it got a new breakthrough about 6-7 years ago,” says BIBS Chief Design Officer Majken Lanvig Nilsson. The shape is preferred by paediatricians, and sleep consultants recommend the glow-in-the-dark options, so the brand decided to side-step into bottles. “The great success of our round pacifiers gave us the idea. A bottle with the same teat as our dummies could help minimise the confusion of different nipples from pacifiers, pacifier bottles and the breast laid the foundation.”

The bottles indeed, have the same cherry-shaped in 100% natural rubber latex teats, and come in the same range of delicious soft colours. They also decided to make them from glass. Why glass? “Glass baby bottles are better for the environment, easily cleaned, and don't contain toxins that could leech into your baby's formula. Glass baby bottles pick up fewer scratches than plastic bottles so it's easier to see when they are dirty. Glass can also withstand high temperatures, so you can wash glass baby bottles in hot water and sterilise them by boiling or other high heat sterilisation methods like steam sterilisers. We have chosen a type of glass that is also very robust and can not break immediately.”

It makes sense, sustainable and practical. Here, we’re answering all your questions about glass bottles so you can find out if they’re the right choice for you.

Why are glass bottles more sustainable?

Glass is made from all-natural resources, such as sand, soda ash, limestone and recycled glass and glass is endlessly recyclable, and each time, back to its original use. It never loses its quality or purity, even in the recycling. Baby bottles are in high-rotation, you’re using them a lot, particularly if you’re exclusively bottle feeding, so the fact that they don’t deteriorate and can be easily and completely cleaned, is a big factor.

Are glass bottles heavier than plastic or silicone bottles?

Yes, but not by much. The 110ml option is only 0.20kg and the perfect size to fit in your handbag. The glass is shatter-proof so no need to fear it breaking, they are just as portable as plastic or silicone bottles.

How many glass baby bottles do you need?

If you’re exclusively bottle feeding 2-3 should be enough to have on rotation, but more will make it easier. Glass is so easy to clean and efficient to sterilise thought that you can do with less. There are the two sizes with corresponding teat flows, 110ml (with a slower teat, for newborns) and 225ml (with a faster teat, for older babies).

What are the benefits of glass baby bottles?

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Easier to clean and sterilise
  • Don’t affect the taste of milk
  • Durable
  • Shatter proof
  • Heat resistant
  • Freezer friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Better for the planet

What the BIBS Glass Bottle reviews say

"The BIBS bottle is very aesthetically pleasing. A very well-designed bottle, it adapts so well to the changing of temperatures without a thought of it breaking." - Jess, VIC

"Moving from the traditional AVENT bottle to the BIBS glass bottle was a smooth and easy process for our little one. Not once did he fuss at all, and I think he adjusted well as he is using a BIBS dummy and the teat of the bottle mimics it. I was initially hesitant with the glass bottle but as days went on, I became fine with it. The bottle was also easy to clean which is a positive for any parent." - Enza, VIC

"Archie, 7 months, has taken the ComoTomo bottles since he was born but has not tried any other bottle. I was expecting him to look at me confused when offering the BIBS glass bottle as it has taken 4 weeks to get him to drink water from a Sippy cup! When showing him the bottle, he got excited knowing it was feeding time and in less than 5 seconds, he tried the bottle and it was like he had always used it. He finished his milk and was very happy! The bottle being glass concerned me a little bit however it was absolutely fine. I would purchase these bottles for a younger baby - likely a newborn along with BIBS dummies!" - Christie,VIC

"As an exclusive pumper who is quite eco-conscious I’m always on the hunt for a good glass bottle. This BIBS bottle is my favourite glass bottle I’ve used so far! The teat is perfect as she already uses the dummies so we had no issues at all. I love that this bottle is narrow so she can still grab it when feeding as I’ve found a lot of other glass bottles are quite wide. I’ll definitely be ordering more of these! I even accidentally dropped this bottle off the bench and it didn’t smash." - Madison, NSW

"From first impressions the packaging is lovely and complements the packages for the BIBs dummies. Taking the bottle out of the box for the first time I was surprised how light it was for a glass bottle. The colour range is really nice and muted, not one to like bright blue and pink bottles or ones with cartoons on them, so it’s refreshing to have a really simple, clean and aesthetically pleasing bottle. In the complete kit you get a milk stopper for on-the-go and a funnel. The funnel is necessary as the bottle is so narrow that getting formular into the bottle without it is not easy and can be messy. The teat is similar to the dummies. I love the natural rubber, which my daughter really likes and is familiar with." - Natalie, QLD

"The BIBs Glass Bottle was fantastic. Having never used a glass bottle before (always plastic ones), I wasn't sure what to expect, however this definitely did not disappoint. The bottle is great quality and the glass itself feels extremely thick and durable. The slimline design is fantastic as it makes it easier to hold. The slow flow teat was also great, as my little one usually guzzles it down and there is always an overflow down her chin, but not with this bottle, not a single spillage! There also appeared to be a lot less air bubbles in the BIBs bottle than the standard ones we have used. I really liked how the teat can also flip around and be stored inwards towards the bottle when not in use, so it stays sterile after cleaning, this is also a great feature for when popping it in your bag or on-the-go.” - Shae, NSW

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