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The 5 Best Maternity Clothing Brands Available in Australia in 2022

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Are you expecting? Congratulations! There are so many exciting (and new!) changes you're about to go through. One of the most obvious ones for pregnant women of course, is your changing body and growing belly. Whilst you can normally get away with your regular clothing during the first months of pregnancy, at some point it'll be time to update your wardrobe. Before you let out an exasperated sigh though, let us tell you that maternity clothing has come a long way from what it used to be. There are some fantastic brand available that mean you don't have to comprise on style, for achieving ease and comfort.

When it comes to creating a stylish maternity wardrobe, there are many different options available to pregnant women. Exactly when you'll start wearing it depends of course on how fast you're growing, but the general rule of thumb is from the second trimester. What you'll need will also depend on the season you're in the second and third trimesters of course, but it's a good idea to consider:

  • Maternity pants
  • Maternity jeans
  • Maternity dress
  • Maternity pyjamas
  • Maternity tops
  • Maternity underwear

There are plenty of different stylistic options available within maternity clothing too, so you can generally find something that suits your individual taste. Another idea is to consider buying a larger size from a non-maternity brand too if you can't find exactly what you're looking for.

Ease Into Your Day With Stylish Maternity Tops

Maternity tops are an absolute essential during pregnancy and are guaranteed for everyday easy wear. Choose from something loose and flowy if you want to allow your skin to breathe and don't like feeling constricted, or alternatively something figure hugging if you want to show off your mum. Maternity tops are best worn as a casual outfit on the weekend, but can also work nicely for the office depending on the top. Consider choosing a top with an open neckline, like a v-neckline, as this is a really flattering cut when pregnant that opens up your chest slightly. Try this paired with a comfy high-waisted maternity skirt no matter the season, or maternity pants.

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Maternity Work Pants

When it comes to maternity workwear, a pair of black pregnancy pants does the job perfectly. You want something with a comfortable elasticised waist so it grows with your expanding belly and doesn't feel too tight around you. Make sure whatever you use it's a stretchy material too. Buying in black will dress up your look too, making it just the right amount of professional meets comfortable. Simply pair with a beautiful wrap-up for an elegant pregnancy work look.

Slide Into Stylish Maternity Gowns For Special Occassions

This is probably the most difficult maternity clothing to find - gorgeous pregnancy dresses that look great for weddings, birthdays, and formal events. The best choice is something comfortable which generally means a lightweight, breathable material and something that is soft and either stretchy or loose fitting. For special occassions, we love wearing an empire line dress (flow out from right under the bust) as it's really flattering on growing bumps and comfy to wear all day long.

Be Prepared For The Cold With Winter Maternity Clothes

During the cooler months, you'll want to wear warm woollen knits, cardigans, long sleeved tops, winter dresses, and even maternity tights or leggings. If you already own some oversized wool jumpers, you may even be able to get away with wearing those whilst pregnant, or alternatively you could also try wearing a non-maternity cardigan unbuttoned. Maternity jeans and leggings are a must to invest in as they're so comfortable and you'll get easy daily wear out of them.

Here Are The Best Maternity Clothing Brands Available in Australia

1. HATCH Collection

Everyday maternity wear is effortless and fun thanks to HATCH Collection. We love this brand as they have created staple maternity clothing that feels comfortable but doesn't compromise on style and still helps you to feel like you're wearing something a little bit unique and special. Think easy maternity tees, soft black leggings to wear under dresses or with tops, easy summer dresses you could wear casually or at work, classic white button down shirts, and perhaps our favourite maternity jeans ever. The best part is you actually get longevity out of Hatch clothing and can wear before and after pregnancy.

What to buy from HATCH Collection?

Everyday basics for home or the office that will help you feel and look good.


2. In Bed

Maternity pyjamas never looked better thanks to In Bed. Inspired by creative home spaces all over the globe, In Bed focus on classic, timeless products made to be lived in and loved. In Bed linen is produced from pure, breathable fibres and is a dream to wear all year round during pregnancy and postpartum. Choose from their pyjama sets, linen robes, and comfortable shirt dresses.

What to buy from In Bed?

In Bed is our pick when it comes to stylish but comfy maternity pjs.


3. Juem

There'll come a time during pregnancy (and postbirth) where you'll want to wear a nursing bra. They're specifically designed to support your growing breasts with wider straps and extra hook and eyes. Whilst traditionally maternity bras haven't been so gorgeous, thankfully there are a lot of stylish options available today like the ones from Juem. Juem make beautiful soft cup bras and matching briefs designed to give you extra support without compromising on style.

What to buy from Juem?

Gorgeous soft cup lace nursing bras and high-waisted briefs.


4. Hotmilk

Who said nursing bras couldn't be sexy? Hotmilk make stunning lace maternity bras that will truly make you feel like a goddess whilst breastfeeding. Choose from underwire and padded, or free from underwire, soft cup options. All are elaborately decorated with gorgeous lace.

What to buy from Hotmilk?

Sexy maternity bras.


5. Bare Mum

Now we don't mean to be debbie downers, but we want to give you the heads up on what postpartum looks like. There's likely going to be a bit of pain, swelling and you may bleed regardless of natural birth or not. This calls for some serious comfy underwear which is where Bare Mum comes in. Their recovery briefsare soft, stretchy and supportive, and designed to fit an Ice and Heat pack and bring soothing relief where needed. They're made from breathable and moisture-wicking microfibre and elastane which keeps you nice and dry too. Simply slide the Bare Mum’s Warm and Cool insert into the brief's front opening and place it over the site of a c-section, or slide it down into the perineal area, which is accommodated by the widened gusset to hold everything in effortlessly.

What to buy from Bare Mum?

Postpartum undies.


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