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From under supply to leakage. These are the most common issues breastfeeding women encounter.

Establishing breastfeeding ain't easy. For many, it can take time, troubleshooting and adjustment. Just when you get on top of one issue, another can pop up. Below you will find some of the most common problems and our product recommendations to solve them to help make your breastfeeding experience more comfortable, efficient and dare we say it, enjoyable.

Problem: Engorged boobs

Solution: Body Ice

The best thing to soothe hot, inflamed and very full boobs is to use cold therapy with these Body Ice Gel Ice Packs. In the early days, they can feel like cement, rock hard and super uncomfortable. Keep these soothing packs in the freezer and apply for relief. If you think your latch is an issue, then seek the advice of a lactation expert and avoid pumping any extra milk that could stimulate even more supply. Rest, hydrate with electrolytes, take probiotics such as Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding for immune support, and anti-inflammatories which can be helpful to reduce the pain.


Problem: Damaged Nipples

Solution: Silverette

If your nipples have been through the ringer, feeling incredibly tender, cracked, pulled and sore, then the number one solution is of course, ensuring your baby’s latch is correct. The next best thing is these incredible silver nursing cups, which you can wear immediately after giving birth for the first few weeks as a preventative measure, or to help relieve the damage. Because Silverettes are made from lightweight, medical-grade pure 925 sterling silver they are super-healing. Silver is naturally anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and has naturally cooling and healing properties. Use them for as long as you’re experiencing soreness.


Problem: Undersupply

Solution: Lactamo

There are many factors that may contribute to undersupply such as PCOS, GDM, thyroid issues to name a few. Some key solutions for stimulating milk production are around supplements, nutrition and medication. You can also conduct gentle breast massage, using a warmed up Lactamo ball. Heat this little squishy ball up and massage around the breast for a few minutes before a feed or pump. Roll the ball over the surface of the breast, always massaging towards the nipple. It can help boost blood flow and encourage the let-down reflex.


Problem: Cracked Nipples

Solution: Nipple Balm or Butter

Cracked nipples can feel super uncomfortable, and one natural way to heal them is by applying a nipple balm. Choose ones with organic ingredients like Brillo Beauty The Balm or Pure Mama Nipple Balm. Use the tiniest amount to give comfort and essential nourishment.


Problem: Leakage

Solution: Mumma Milla Leakproof Bralette

In the first few days, weeks, or months, breasts can leak and leave you feeling damp and uncomfortable. One solution is to add breast pads to your bra to soak up the moisture. Or go super sustainable and all-in-one and slip into Mumma Milla’s comfy and supportive bralette. This innovative design has built in leak-proof cups to ensure that the milk is wicked away and breasts and nipples (and clothes and sheets) remain dry.


Problem: Dehydration

Solution: Mini + Me Hydramama

We know how important hydration is at the best of times, and on average it’s recommended parents drink around 3-4 litres per day when breastfeeding. If you find it hard to drink water then add a healthy dose of electrolytes. Mini + Me Hydramama flavours are delicious, easily absorbed and boosted with folate, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. You can mix it into your drink bottle and keep by your side around the house when you’re breastfeeding for a huge hydration boost.


Problem: Breast Inflammation and Mastitis

Solution: Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Probiotic

Breast inflammation and mastitis can be a common concern in breastfeeding mothers. Breast inflammation feels like a tender, sore lump in the breast, which can occur when a milk duct does not drain properly. This causes inflammation of the surrounding tissue and can lead to mastitis if not treated carefully which can present as a potential fever, and flu-like symptoms. Mastitis affects 20% of breastfeeding mothers and is a big, painful deal. You’ll want to avoid it if you can, first place to start is with your own microflora. A lot of pregnant people and breastfeeding mothers rely on Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Probiotic. This probiotic is isolated from human breast milk, and contains a patented probiotic strain which may help to maintain a healthy microflora, important for you and your baby before, during and after pregnancy. It can restore the balance of good bacteria in breast milk that may have been disrupted by antibiotics, or other external factors, as well as relieve or reduce breast pain and discomfort associated with mastitis and the recurrence of mastitis.


Problem: Back Pain and Discomfort

Solution: Butterfly Maternity Pillow

Feeding can take a toll on the body. We love the Butterfly Maternity Pillow because you can play with the position to ensure you are propped up and supporting your back and shoulders. It helps support both you and your baby, comfortably and safely placing them at the right height for feeding.


Problem: Easy, Efficient Pumping

Solution: Minbie Pump

Pumping can be challenging for new mothers because they are tethered to a machine or wall and can be time consuming. A portable, double pump is going to be a much more enjoyable experience. Generally, pumping takes about 15 minutes depending on your milk flow and the type of pump you’re using. This one by Minbie is hospital-grade which means it has a powerful motor, will work fast and efficiently. You can choose different suctions strengths and can personalise the mode that works for you. Double pumps mean less fuss and more efficiency, (as you can express both breasts simultaneously), yielding at least 18% more milk in half the time. Worth the investment if you’re pumping regularly!


Problem: Lacking Nutrition

Solution: Franjos Lactation Cookies

Breastfeeding can take a lot out of the body and can use up to 300-500 calories a day, which can equate to one extra meal or three large snacks. We are all about those one handed snacks such as Franjos’ lactation cookies which aren’t too sweet. Keep them stocked up at your breastfeeding station to keep your energy levels up through the day and night.


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