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Keira Rumble’s Mother’s Group-Approved Beauty Line

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“The second-time mums said it made such a difference to their postpartum hairloss.”

When you’re pregnant, you know some things are off limits, but it’s often unclear exactly what is a no-no. You become increasingly cautious of what you’re putting in, on, and even near your body, and spend more time than you ever imagined reading labels in supermarkets and the fine print on online product descriptions. “ for pregnancy?” is your most-used search term and you suddenly know everything about clary sage. In terms of skincare, it can feel a little no-frills. Particularly if your routine was awash with actives, and fancy Korean brands (that you couldn’t read the labels of even if you tried). Keira Rumble knows that feeling. At the beginning of her fertility journey she started hearing from doctors and embryologists, “you must transition to clean beauty”. After some research, she did, and noticed her skin started going backwards. “I knew if it was happening to me, I wasn’t alone.” With retinol and other stronger actives off the table, Rumble thought about ingestible beauty. Customers had had success with the vitamin- and collagen-rich Beauty Bites from Krumble Foods (her first business), sending in before and after pictures of their hair and nails, but she wanted something that fast-tracked results. A range of ingestible and topical beauty products that worked from both ends for a healthier, glowier you. Super-charged clean beauty. Habitual Beauty was born. In fact, just days after her first son, Hunter. Launching a business and a baby in the same week wasn’t the plan, but that’s how it happened. It meant her mother’s group were some of her first, and toughest, customers. Spoiler: they were quick fans. Here, Rumble talks through her line, why it works for everyone, but especially pregnant, new or breastfeeding mums, and how it should be used. Get ready, you might never use retinol again.


The range feels really considered, like the affirmations on the packaging, was that all very intentional?

“One of the brand’s identity pillars is ritual, and I really wanted to create a products that require a moment of still. Life is busy and we’re constantly triggered by contact. Messages, emails and alerts are constant. I wanted to create moments of stillness. With the cleanser, you take a pump in the shower, breathe in and out before you start washing. Or with the facial oil, you massage your face with your fingertips. Before I had Hunter I used to meditate for 20 minutes a day. That’s not realistic as a mum, but any little moment for yourself is beneficial.


Ingestible beauty is still quite new for some people. How should your collagen elixirs be used?

“We encourage daily use to see the best results. Like anything, if it’s used religiously, you’ll see changes quicker. We have formulated the collagen elixir to be used once a day. There are lots of brands that encourage two or three a day but it’s a lot of money and effort. One a day is manageable. The Dutch Chocolate or Madagascan Vanilla are great in coffee or hot chocolate, while the fruit-based ones, Sicilian Blood Orange or Yuzu and Finger Lime are great in a smoothie or just in water. I think ingestible beauty, if you try it, you see results and start to love it. I gave all the mums in my mothers group the collagen when postpartum hair loss was starting for a lot of them and it’s really interesting hearing and speaking to the second-time mums who took it, and noticed a massive difference to their first postpartum when their hair loss was really dramatic. That’s when I realised this was a great range for The Memo because it’s so useful to new mums.

Yes, because the range isn’t just for pregnant people or new mums…

“The range isn’t just for pregnancy, the Collagen Elixir in the yuzu and blood orange flavours are the only things not pregnancy-approved, but anyone can use it any time. Particularly if they’re feeling they have lacklustre skin, nail concerns, low energy or digestion problems, but pregnancy and new motherhood is a time when you often need a lot of help in these areas, so the brand is such a great fit for people at that time in their lives.”

Do you have a personal favourite?

I love the Yuzu and Finger Lime Collagen Elixir. I have it everyday in my water bottle. It’s really refreshing. The Face Oil is a favourite because I experience a lot of hormonal acne, and I’ve found it really combats that by nourishing but also dealing with excess sebum on my skin. The Sleep Mask is a cult favourite product because it does all the hard work for you, while you’re asleep. Finally, the Dutch Chocolate Collagen Elixir in my coffee is really lovely.”

Skincare shopping with Keira…

Best for trying to conceive:

“The Sleep Mask is a product that will help with dehydrated and lacklustre skin. It’s a really nice self-care moment, and when you’re going through fertility, you’re often triggered and stressed, thinking about - why aren’t I pregnant yet? When will I be pregnant? Is there something more I can do? - it’s a lot. So a moment of stillness with the Sleep Mask is a nice way to prepare for bed and a restorative rest.”

Best for pregnancy:

The Facial Oil uses a plant version of retinol called bakuchiol which is proven to be just as effective. I use it now in postpartum. I’d also say the Collagen Elixir is great for pregnancy. The Dutch Chocolate was my favourite in pregnancy. I’d have it in a choc banana smoothie.

Best for postpartum:

“The Collagen Elixirs, definitely. It’s our biggest seller with postpartum customers. I’d also say the Sleep Mask is great for new mums. It makes you look like you actually got 8-hours even if you’ve been up all night with your baby.”


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