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How to care for your C-Section

Healing from your belly birth scar is a slow process. In this video we will explore some methods for how to best take care of the area in the early stages of healing (first 4 weeks). It all starts with rest. Rest is the best medicine, so be sure to get yourself horizontal when you can and always seek advice from your healthcare provider. Remember where your baby once was is now a gaping hole, on top of major abdominal surgery so it will take time to heal. The most important thing immediately after birth is to get your nerves working again. Nerves through incision are damaged, so to re-stimulate them and get them firing, we will start by using different textures above the scar to re-engage them. Start by using cotton wool or tips and make shapes of circles /squiggles etc around the scar, on top and below. It's always important to send breath to the area, so make instead of breathing through your chest, be sure to breathe in your belly. Finally keeping the area supported and warm to promote blood flow and healing. SRC recovery shorts are great for this, or you can keep a scarf wrapped about the midline and lower kidneys. Once the scar has scabbed and healed (around the 4-6 week mark) then you can start integrating some gentle massage.

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