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How to Choose the Best Baby Bassinet

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Our top 4 tips to help you choose the very best bassinet for your baby.

Bringing home your new little human is exciting, if not also a little terrifying. You’re feeling all the feels and learning everything as you go. One of the big things you’re going to have to deal with, is getting them into a sleep routine. But before that can happen, you need to figure out what they’re actually going to be sleeping in. This is our straight-forward guide to help you work out how to choose the very best baby bassinet. No long lists of 20+ products in sight, because honestly, we’re here to make it easier not harder to decide!

What is a Bassinet? 

First things first, you might be wondering what the difference is between a bassinet and a cot is. A bassinet is a bed for infants from newborn up until around six months of age. They are generally smaller, and more compact than a cot. Check out the Leander Bassinet if you’re looking for something really portable. The wheels make it very easy to move around the house and it also has an adjustable frame height so it can match your own bed level. This is our pick for helping make late night feeds as easy as possible.


How to Choose the Best Bassinet for your Baby?


1. Firm Mattress

A really important safety factor to consider when buying your bassinet is selecting one that has a firm mattress and snug fit. There shouldn’t be any big gaps between the mattress and the bed.The safest surface for your baby to sleep on is a firm, hard mattress and nothing that’s too soft. All of our bassinets come with included mattresses, which is the best option as they all fit snugly inside the baby bed. If you’re looking to put a spotlight on the mattress itself, consider the Cocoonababy bassinet which is actually an ergonomically designed mattress that can be put inside a crib.

2. Machine Washable

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that babies come with mess. They’re no doubt going to have some accidents and you’re going to want a bassinet that’s easily washable, preferably in the machine. That’s why all of the bassinets we stock at the memo have removable fabric that is machine washable. Because we want to help make this having a baby thing as easy as possible!

3. Breathability

Ensuring your bassinet is breathable is a big one for safety here and this includes the mattress as well as the sides of the bed. It’s recommended to opt for a bassinet with mesh sides or wooden slats as they are ultra breathable. The Baby Bjorn bassinet is a fantastic option here as it has four mesh sides allowing for air flow. Even better the fabric is totally machine-washable and although it doesn’t have wheels, it’s a lightweight bassinet making it very easy to move around the house.

4. Sturdiness

Finally, it’s important to make sure that whatever bassinet you end up choosing has a sturdy base and legs that won’t tip over easily. You want the legs of your bassinet to lock into place and if there are wheels, to ensure that they’re also lockable. Be sure to read the weight limits before buying your bassinet too, so you’re getting the perfect fit for your child.

Once you’ve considered these key factors, you can then of course think about personal style to make your final decision. If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of furniture, we adore the Kumi bassinet from Charlie Crane.

*EXTRA: If you value your sleep and your little one is struggling to settle during the night, consider investing in the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet. It's the world's safest baby bassinet, and automatically calms crying and increases sleep. Think of it as a night nurse or baby whisperer more than a bed!

Bassinet sheets

It’s important to keep all bedding to a minimum to ensure your baby has the safest sleep possible. All you need is a fitted bassinet sheet here and no blankets at all. We have some beautiful options in a range of colours here. It’s important to keep their body temperature at a safe level too, so the best way to put them to sleep is in a sleep bag. This allows your baby to be at a comfortable temperature and eliminates the need for any sheets or blankets in the bed that can become loose.

How to give good sleep

What we’re all here for- how to give your baby a good night’s sleep? Investing in a reliable bassinet is the first step to starting your baby’s sleep routine. From here, there are lots of things you can do to ensure they (and you!) have the best night’s sleep possible. Take a read of our blog article all about creating a sleep routine for more advice. You got this!

If you’d like to read more of our how to choose series, be sure to check out our guide to choosing a high chair as well as how to choose a breast pump on our blog. We offer practical, no-nonsense advice on what features to look for plus a very curated edit of suggested products to help narrow the list down for you, rather than complicate it. You can be sure you’ll only find everything you need (and nothing you don’t) here at the memo!