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How to Cut a Baby's Nails

Baby’s nails grow in the womb from week 12 of pregnancy, so they need to be cut once they are born. Baby nails are subtle and soft and grow exponentially, so it feels like they need trimming all the time.

The Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer lets you safely trim down your baby's nails without the need for sharp scissors.

Attempt when your newborn is asleep, calm or even drowsy and be sure you have plenty of light, so you can see well.

Simply attach the trimmer pad suitable for your child's age and gradually file down their nails. The trimmer pads make your baby's nails smooth and don't leave sharp edges that may scratch their delicate skin.

If your baby is 0-3 months, use a pink pad.
If your baby is 3-6 months, use a blue pad.
If your baby is 6-12 months, use a green pad.
If your baby is 12 months or over, use an orange pad.

Then choose from two rotation directions and speeds and file away.

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