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How to fit a breast pump

When choosing a breastpump, it's important that you find the right fit. Most mothers who are pumping are not using the correct flange size. A flange that isn’t fitting correctly (generally too large) can allow too much of the areola/ tissue surrounding the nipple to be suctioned into the pump tunnel. Only the nipple is supposed to move back and forth, gently. This efficient suction causes milk to spray. A flange that is too large can damage this delicate tissue and cause pain, and it won’t suction effectively. To find the right fit, get your measuring tape out prior to pumping or breastfeeding. Measure across the base of your nipple only, the diameter, not any of your areola. Add 1 mm if you are breastfeeding (before breastfeeding or pumping), add 2mm if you are pregnant.

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