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How to Prepare a Baby's Bottle using Formula

Like breastfeeding there is an art to bottle feeding.

Unlike breastfeeding which requires well, your boobs, you’ll need a few things on hand. In this video we will show you how to make a sterilise a bottle and make a bottle using formula.

The first step is you’ll need to sterilise your bottle. This New Beginning Steriliser is a new kind of steriliser, using UV light technology, it kills all germs and bacteria quickly and effectively.

Pop your bottles in press on and it does the heavy lifting.

Now that is done you’ll need a to get your formula ready. To do this, you’ll need boiled water. We are using the MISTA bottle as it’s great for storing pre-boiled water and keeps it toasty.

Formula must be made with water before powder. Here we are using a plant-based formula by Sprout Organics which is great for kids with sensitive tummies and 100% plant based so, think no gluten, dairy or soy.

Now give it a good shake. Test the milk temperature on the back of your hand and you are good to feed.

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