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7 Things That Made Keira Rumble Feel Good in the Fourth Trimester

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Herbal infused postpartum pads, Airpods, white noise machines that drown out Dachshund barks and more.

At 4am, four weeks before her due date, Keira Rumble’s water broke. “It was a shock, I had no hospital bag packed or car seat installed. Rookie error” she says. Sydney’s lockdown restrictions were in place, which meant the doula couldn’t be present at the birth, “it was disappointing but my husband Anthony and I had done the She Births course which gave us tools to help make the birth a positive one.” At 7:55pm baby Hunter arrived. “Anthony, guided by my obstetrician, delivered him, and once he was nearly out, I pulled him up onto my chest.” Being premature, Keira and Anthony were warned Hunter may need some extra help. He came out blue and not breathing. “The paediatrician was in the room, and within seconds after having him on my chest, the cord was cut and he was taken to the resus bay in the room and given oxygen.” Over the next few days Hunter was kept in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and Keira got her head around everything. “I really struggled during this time, and was still pretty shocked with him arriving early. I hadn’t had any time off to really prepare myself for the birth, and I run three businesses. The newest, Habitual Beauty, ended up launching six days after Hunter was born.” Hunter’s fast-tracked and eventful entrance into the world contrasted with a long fertility journey for Keira and Anthony. After six miscarriages and an endometriosis diagnosis, IVF helped them fall pregnant with Hunter. Now, Keira says the fourth trimester has been “everything I’d hoped for, minus the lack of sleep. Nothing can prepare you for extreme sleep deprivation.” Amen. While a lockdown wasn’t how she expected to spend the fourth trimester, she says it’s had its upsides. “It’s actually been a nice way of preserving a beautiful newborn bubble.” Speaking of beautiful newborn bubbles, here Keira tells us what’s made her feel good in hers.

Postpartum doula

“Given the lockdown restrictions we’ve not had physical support from our friends and family. We all live in different LGAs. Having weekly visits from my postpartum doula forced me to take some time to really be slow.”

Food deliveries

“Food has honestly been the biggest thing for me. I am 12-weeks postpartum now, and still love when I have meal services or food prepared for us.”

Airpods and streaming

“Having a good TV show to binge really makes breastfeeding in those early hours so much more enjoyable. Netflix and Stan have been my go-tos.”

White noise machines

Whish Continuous White Noise Machine

“I have both the Whish Continuous White Noise Machine and the Hushh Continuous Portable White Noise Machine. They’re great for drowning out the barking of my two sausage dogs.”

Sleeping bags

Love to Dream Stage 1 Swaddle Up 2.5 TOG

“No one has time for swaddling late at night when they have a mini Houdini.  
Ergobaby Carrier
“We love going for walks on the beach with the dogs and it is so easy to pop bubs in the carrier and get out of the house.”