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What Leigh Campbell Can't Parent Without

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A chic wipe cover, Mini Micro Scooter and an early bed time (for her).

Beauty expert, writer, podcast host, body care brand Brillo Beauty co-founder and wearer of many (many) other hats, Leigh Campbell has shared much of her fertility, pregnancy and parenting journey with her community over the last few years via her multiple platforms. She is beloved by followers for her authenticity around the realities, and sometimes duality, of parenting. Like how you can't wait to get some solo time, but then immediately miss them terribly. Or get them to bed only to scroll photos of them as babies. Now, with her son Alexander being 3.5-years-old (big kid official), Leigh's out of the baby stage and into toddler/preschooler mode. Something she and her husband Rich balance with busy careers and lives in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Here, she shares her parenting tool kit. The stuff that keeps her at her best and makes her days with Alexander go smooth. Well, as smooth as they can go with a three-year-old.

1. Solo mum time

"Yes, I only have one child, so the juggle isn't as hard for me as it is for some other parents. But still, hard is hard. My husband and I started carving out time for each other to go and have a solo night away when we can - a hotel, a mates place, or maybe just a massage if that’s all there is time for. It's so important to us that we remember who we are outside of being a parent and rest, feel inspired and even miss our family a little bit so we come back refreshed and excited to be fully engaged."

2. A chic wipe holder

"I thought with an almost-four-year-old we’d be past the wipe stage, but my messy eater always needs a good wipedown after each meal. I have two cats who love to chew plastic, so I pop the wipe sachet in this silicone wipe holder. I have a few around the house. Love them!"

3. Coffee

"So much coffee. Cliche I know, but so damn true. Judge me all you like, but I’m an Instant coffee girl 'til I die. Two cups of instant coffee each morning. The trick to making it good is you must put the milk in with the granules first before you pour the boiling water - this way ensures it doesn't taste burnt and makes it so much creamer! I've had multiple fancy coffee machines and I always go back to my beloved instant."

4. A scooter

"For quite a while I got away with taking a new truck to the park for my son to play with, but now he’s a ‘big boy’ and demands we take his scooter. Everywhere. His skills have definitely improved with time and he loves it so much it stops him nagging me to push him on the swing so I can enjoy a hot coffee in peace for five minutes. Okay, maybe two."

5. Early bed time (for me)

"I learned this the hard way early on in my motherhood journey. Kids wake early because they are evil little dictators. I joke, but my son wakes at six no matter what time he went to bed, so 9pm bedtime for me is a non-negotiable these days. It means I get about eight hours (if my insomnia isn't playing up) and makes me a much nicer person and mother."

6. Colouring table and chairs

"I haven't bought these yet but they are on my wishlist. Our Facebook Marketplace affordable set just died, so it’s time. And we’re spending so much time colouring and drawing right now (he’s learning to write his name!) that I want something that's not an eyesore. These are so stylish, I wish they came in grown up size!"

7. Brillo Beauty

"Bias? Of course, it’s my brand! But my 40 year old skin which is losing elasticity can't get enough of The Oil and The Butter. I use The Wash and The Lotion on my son (super gentle and fragrance free!), and I always have The Balm in my handbag - the flip top lid is a game changer when I need lip balm while driving/juggling a million things."

8. Hey Doodle Mat

"Regarding the aforementioned colouring, I stash this in my bag when we are going to a restaurant. He colours it, when we wipe it clean so he can go again. He uses it so much we barely need to bring out the iPad as backup. He loves learning to trace the letters, too."

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