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Tips For Staying Cool Through a Summer Pregnancy

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Because the Aussie heat is tough with a bump.

Sure, summer is the season of the Aperol spritz, beach swims, late-night dinners and continual sunbathing. However, if you’re pregnant, it can be the season of swollen feet, challenging boundaries, exhaustion and the constant quest for aircon. Deep Aussie summer is real.

Somehow those 40-degree days manage to creep up, pulsing with intensity, the air so thick you could cut it with a knife.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Yang is the warming energy. It is the origin of movement of blood and of Qi (energy) throughout the body. It is also the catalyst for reproductive processes like ovulation and implantation. Yang energy, being uplifting and supportive, is in many ways responsible for a pregnancy. As its name implies, Yang is hot, and when you are pregnant, you hold two sets of fires in your belly — yours and your baby’s.

So if you’ve been blessed with a February or March baby and have a whole summer to tackle, here are some simple yet effective ways to keep your cool (physically and mentally).

1. Stay Hydrated

Our babies sure do need that extra liquid during pregnancy. Weather aside, due to a shifting capacity in blood volume (for some women, this doubles), hydration is crucial for both of you. Drinking water is critical in maintaining adequate levels of nutrients and blood flow, so having an XL drink bottle like the Bink Bottle on you at all times is a must. Drinking cold drinks is not necessarily the answer either. We can learn a lot from Eastern cultures who drink warm herbal teas in summer. It can be majorly beneficial in helping you maintain the correct body temperature. Is water not cutting it? Try Franjos Kitchen Hydration Powder or DIY it with this simple and natural recipe for hydration which can double as a labour aid.

  1. 1 teaspoon of good-quality magnesium
  2. ½ teaspoon of salt
  3. The fresh juice of two limes
  4. 350 ml of Coconut water

2. Legs up the wall before bed

If you are pregnant and experiencing edema, you are no doubt seeing your feet and ankles double in size. Whilst it may be too much effort to get to a yoga class or even too much to do home yoga, inversions are a wonderful way of realigning the body. By popping your legs up the wall before bed, you are encouraging the stagnant fluid that sits in your feet to flush towards your heart (circulatory system). This restful and mindful position also encourages the flight and fight system to turn off and the rest and restore the system to turn on. Restless, swollen and hot legs deserve a nice dose of Meo Body Pure Magnesium Spray. Magnesium is safe to use and should be encouraged during pregnancy and has many incredible qualities and is lovely for muscle cramps, restless legs, sleeplessness, and body aches. Then rub on some Hatch Down, Girl - Soothing Leg + Foot Relief.

3. Wear clothes that feel like your nude

Whilst wearing only your undies around the house is totally fine, one must wear clothes at the supermarket. So if you’re going to make an effort to get dressed, make it comfortable and cool. Bamboo is a fabric that helps regulate your body temperature, so try to wear clothes that are breathable and light, and stick one to one item. Think big oversized dresses and things that don’t feel tight on the body or your bump.

4.Ditch your doona

Consider your bedding. Feeling safe and cosy at night can look like a light linen top sheet.

5. Pick your battles

If you have things to do and errands to run, consider doing them before midday and it gets really hot. Organise your day so it requires small bursts of energy rather than continual long hauls of movement. Many things can get done after dark, you’d be surprised. Shift the 9-5 pm routine to make it work for you.

6.Frozen peas for the win

Need a cheap and effective way to keep you both cool? Frozen peas are the best way to keep a bump cool. Be sure to keep a couple of packs in the freezer and mark which ones are for eating and which are for your body.

7. SPF Baby

A hormone shift during pregnancy can mean a shift in your skin pigmentation. For some women, you may notice an increase in freckles, moles or brown patches on the forehead, cheeks and above the upper lip. The best way to protect your skin is to make sure that you always lather up. We love the newest edition to our skincare range, Lullaby. This SPF 50 + sunscreen is designed to be comfortable on delicate skin, thanks to its lightweight, non-oily consistency. So it’s one that can be used on both your kids and you. Being free from all the nasties, it’s safe for pregnancy.

8. Immerse yourself in water

If you’re in your third trimester, then going to a flotation tank is the best treatment. Any body of water that holds you and makes you feel light and cool is worthy of an accolade.

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