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How to Make Bath Time Fun For Toddlers

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Toddlers have a love/hate relationship with bathing. Here’s our top tips to make it all, a little more fun.

Maybe you’re a newcomer to toddler bath time, and are still in the stages of a cooing babe who wants to lay back and look into your eyes, or maybe you’re a toddler parent who knows that after dinner comes a lot of malarkey that renders you too exhausted to even attempt a new episode of White Lotus. If you’re dreading the routine before you’ve even pulled off a stinky sock, it’s time to recontextualise. Bath time is bonding time. It’s when you and your little one are going to hang out, chat, sing and play, while getting them clean (and you, if you fancy jumping in). Load up a playlist before you turn on the tap and then ditch your phone. At bath time give your kiddo 100 percent of your attention. This is all you’ve got to do for the next 15 minutes.

Tool up with stuff they love

Now that your headspace is sorted, it’s time to check your support team. Bath toys are essential, though we recommend limiting their options to make clean-up quicker. Changing it up keeps things interesting too, so if tonight it’s pipes, tomorrow it can be boats, and the night after that bath crayons. Keep ‘em guessing. Most importantly, the stuff you need to use every night — body wash, shampoo, etc — needs to be fun. That’s what Sud Bud is for.

Make it a playspace, then a chill space

The first half of the bath should be fun and games: getting them in, splashing around and getting washed is loud, wet and just a bit wild, but then it’s time to chill things out. Soaking in the warm water, quiet(er) convos and setting the mood for a book and bedtime. We curated a playlist to help set the mood, it’s fun jams and the top, chilled tunes at the bottom.

Have an exit incentive

If toys and bubbles are your “get in” aids, a fun towel (that doubles as a costume) and enjoyable pre-bed routine are your “get out” team. With toddlers who like to be the boss, asking them to come choose a book or pick their PJs will appeal to their “I’m a grownup, too” side. Rubbing their skin with some Gro-To ultra nourishing Skin Wizard body oil, is a nice pre-bed moment (and “yes darling, you can help”), as is letting older toddlers spritz their room with Bad Dream Buster (a lavender scented room spray) to get rid of any night monsters or bad vibes. If only it stopped night waking too.

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