Matrescence refers to the period of time where a woman transitions into a mother. Matrescence doesn’t only encapsulate the fact a baby is born, but it also acknowledges all aspects of the physical and hormonal shifts a woman endures.

While the mother role is something we seem to innately adopt when we fall pregnant, it doesn’t discount the deep challenges this transitional period brings. Navigating such a number of changes to life can lead a woman to question her identity post birth. Who is she? What does she value? How does she seek resolution? How does she rest and recharge? What motivates her? What is her purpose?

Understanding that ‘her’ is actually ‘you,’ is quite a peculiar idea to conceptualise and it can be very isolating. For this reason it’s rational that women endure a period of time where they feel a little lost and disconnected from self. If you’re going through a low patch, mourning your ‘pre baby self’ or you’re desperately scrambling to find a deeper sense of purpose, you’re not alone. Scheduling regular ‘you time’ is an important way to remain connected to the parts of yourself and your life that you adore and that inspire you. Prioritise this.

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