It goes without saying that the key word is comfort when talking about pregnancy style. That being said, dressing for comfort doesn’t mean you have to erase your wardrobe and adopt a new ‘dowdy’ style. You are still you.

A nice way to plan ahead is to create a ‘moodboard.’ Dedicate time to scrolling Instagram and Pinterest to find pregnancy ‘looks’ that resonate with you. You’ll most likely notice a few running ‘themes’ in terms of what you like. This will help you isolate what styles will work for you. For example you might love the look of stretch knits or perhaps prefer loose shirts with a fitted blazer and pants. Tip: Where possible, while you’re scrolling through social media, try and etch towards the women who have a similar height and frame to you.

From here assess what you already own and what you can make work for the next ‘x’ many months. Now it’s time to build a capsule! Gather a core collection of pieces that will work over time and that can easily mix and match. If you need, invest in pieces that are missing but to spend your money wisely, consider these three things;

Versatility i.e. a linen or cotton shirt that can be worn throughout the pregnancy, the postpartum period and that enables comfortable feeding.

Longevity i.e. pieces with stretch so they can accommodate a growing belly and overall frame. The fabric is the key here!

A Price Tag That Aligns Its Use i.e. as you’re only going to be pregnant for a short period of time, perhaps refrain from spending a fortune on maternity jeans (there are some fabulous brands available with friendly price tags) and invest more heavily on items such as maternity bras (you’re likely to wear these through to postpartum) or a dress (stretch knit or a wrap) which you can wear out with heels or to a BBQ with sneakers.

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