It’s no secret that living in a body that rapidly changes over 9 months is going to have moments that test you physically and emotionally. A few aches here and there, troubled sleep, food aversions and perhaps a busy mind that is in constant overdrive. ’Will this baby sleep? Will I be able to breastfeed? What should we call the baby?!’ ‘Do I need a SNOO?”

Adopting a vice or two to keep any niggling worries or stress at bay can have positive effects on your ability to cope with the level and frequency of change. Over time, we have noted a few recurring products that have offered women a dose of comfort and relief;

A Maternity Pillow

Sleep can be difficult with a watermelon strapped to your belly, especially given sleeping on your back and tummy are out of the picture. To accommodate your belly and to offer relief for other aches and pains, a pregnancy pillow can be a game changer. Designed specifically for this unique time of life, you will find these unique pillows offer support, stability (they can help to prevent your body from rolling onto your back) and a soft cushioning to cradle your entire frame.

Pregnancy Pillow - Nude

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The Right Maternity Bra for You

Your boobs will absolutely need and deserve some extra TLC during pregnancy. Not only will they grow but pending your particular pregnancy experience they may itch, tingle, leak, ache and/or feel exceptionally tender. Finding the right fabrics, the right fit and the right style is time and money well spent. For a detailed overview of Trimester 1, right through to Postpartum and Breastfeeding, see this link and/or shop our diverse and comprehensive range. We carefully scour the globe to find The Very Best, so that you and your beautiful boobs are in safe hands.

How to Choose a Maternity Bra

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Self Care Rituals That Nurture Your Body

If you feel vulnerable, nervous, overwhelmed or a little tired, remembering to carve out ‘you time’ is a sensational way to spend your pregnancy months. Your health and wellbeing is paramount during this time of life, so nestle into some divine self care rituals to calm your mind and body. Warm baths, face masks, pregnancy massage, nourishing belly oils or delicious teas and snacks are great places to start. Whatever helps you feel strong, well rested and comfortable.

Stretch Marks & Pregnancy Safe Skincare

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Magnesium Oil

A fabulous product to have on your shelf. Why, you may ask? As the body grows and become heavier, there will be changes to the blood circulation in your leg muscles that can cause painful cramps. As well as this, physical fatigue and muscle strains and aches are very common. Pregnancy approved magnesium oil or rubs (such as Brillo Beauty, Meo Body and Pure Mama ADD LINKS) can provide noticeable relief and allow your body to find comfort using it’s soothing properties.

The Spray

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Belly Oils

Roughly 8 in 10 pregnant women will experience some degree of stretch marks during their pregnancy. Stretch marks may appear around the belly, the boobs, the thighs or the buttocks (charming!). For anyone unsure, stretch marks are not dissimilar to scars. They can develop when the skin experiences rapid growth or shrinkage as the body’s collagen and elastin levels become disrupted. If you experience stretch marks, its normal, and while an adjustment, remember you’re far from alone. To boost the skin's elastin and to adequately hydrate your skin (which can counteract the appearance of stretch marks), belly oils are wonderful!! Enriched with natural properties to nourish and plump the skin, they add a beautiful ritual into your day.

Belly Oil 150ml

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A Notepad

Keeping a notepad by your bed and in your bag means that whenever a random thought or worry pops into mind (which are all too common around 2am right?), you can write it down and come back to it when you’re in the right frame of mind. The notepad may also become a sweet keepsake for you to remember back to your pregnancy days.

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