Father's Day

Own it, share it, bond over it, celebrate it. Presents and presence this Father’s Day.

At the memo, we stock a curated edit of Father's Day gifts that the men in your life will love. Choose from delicious beverages from Curatif, dad ready baby carriers, and skincare for men.

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What are some unique Father's Day gift ideas from a baby?

Celebrate Father's Day with thoughtful gifts that create lasting memories. Consider practical items like stylish diaper bags, nappy organisers, or baby carriers that dads can use daily. Personalised gifts like a photo frame with a picture of dad and baby or a customised keepsake are also great choices.

How can I choose a Father's Day gift that helps a new dad bond with his baby?

Look for gifts that encourage shared activities and bonding time. Baby carriers for hands-free closeness, matching outfits for dad and baby, or a book that dad can read to the baby are all wonderful ideas that foster connection.

Can I find Father's Day gifts that are both functional and stylish for new dads?

Absolutely! At The Memo, we understand the importance of practicality without compromising on style. Our curated edit includes items like sleek diaper bags and nappy organisers that new dads will love for their functionality and modern design.

What are some essentials every new dad needs for outings with the baby?

New dads on the go with their baby will appreciate essentials like a high-quality diaper bag, portable changing mat, insulated bottle holder, and comfortable baby carrier. These items make outings smoother and more enjoyable.

Are there Father's Day gifts suitable for dads who travel?

For dads who travel, consider gifts like compact strollers, travel-friendly baby carriers, and portable baby essentials organisers. These items make it easier for dads to maintain their lifestyle while ensuring the baby's comfort and needs are met.

What should I consider when choosing a Father's Day gift from a baby?

Think about the dad's lifestyle and needs. Gifts that simplify parenting tasks, enhance bonding with the baby, or allow dads to maintain their personal style are always appreciated.

How do I ensure the Father's Day gift is practical for everyday use?

Consider the daily routine of the new dad. Gifts that can be integrated into everyday life, like stylish yet functional clothing or accessories that make baby care tasks easier, are both thoughtful and practical.

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