Ice & Heat Packs

The early days after childbirth can be a whirlwind of emotions and physical adjustments. While you're busy bonding with your beautiful newborn, it's important to prioritise your own recovery as well. Here at The Memo, we understand the unique challenges faced by new mothers, and we're committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to heal and feel your best.

Soothing Relief for Postpartum Discomfort

Our collection of ice and heat packs offers targeted relief for a variety of common postpartum discomforts. Perineal ice packs can help reduce swelling and pain in the delicate perineal area after childbirth. Breast ice packs can provide soothing relief for engorgement and mastitis.

Effective and Easy to Use

Our ice and heat packs are designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear. They are made from high-quality materials that are gentle on your skin. Simply follow the instructions for use to experience the benefits of heat or cold therapy.

More Than Just Ice and Heat Packs

In addition to our ice and heat packs, we offer a wide range of other postpartum recovery essentials, including maternity pads, wound and scar care products, and nipple and breast care items. Browse our full collection to find everything you need to support your healing journey.

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Ice & Heat Packs FAQs

How often can I use ice and heat packs?

It is important to follow the instructions that come with your ice and heat packs. Generally speaking, ice packs should be used for no more than 20 minutes at a time, with a break of at least 40 minutes in between. Heat packs can typically be used for longer periods, but it is always best to err on the side of caution and remove the heat pack if it becomes uncomfortable.

Can I use ice and heat packs directly on my skin?

No, it is important to always place a thin barrier, such as a towel or cloth, between the ice or heat pack and your skin to prevent irritation.

If I am experiencing severe pain or discomfort after childbirth, should I use ice or heat packs?

If you are experiencing severe pain or discomfort after childbirth, it is important to consult with your doctor or midwife. They can advise you on the best course of treatment for your individual needs.