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Welcome to our collection of Perineal Cleansers, designed to provide gentle and effective care for both mum and baby. Our range of products is carefully curated to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety for delicate skin in the perineal area.

Perineal cleansing is an essential part of postpartum care and hygiene, helping to prevent infection and promote healing after childbirth. Our collection offers a selection of expertly formulated cleansers that are specifically designed to soothe and protect the perineal area during this sensitive time.

Why are Perineal Cleansers Important?

1. Promote Healing: Perineal cleansers are formulated to gently cleanse the delicate skin in the perineal area, promoting healing and preventing infection after childbirth.

2. Maintain Hygiene: Proper perineal care is crucial for maintaining good hygiene, especially during the postpartum period when the risk of infection is higher.

3. Soothe Discomfort: Our perineal cleansers are infused with soothing ingredients to help alleviate discomfort and irritation in the perineal area.

Experience the difference with our premium range of Perineal Cleansers, designed to provide optimal care and protection for mum and baby during the postpartum period. Shop now to discover the benefits of gentle and effective perineal cleansing.


When should I start using a perineal cleanser after childbirth?

It is recommended to start using a perineal cleanser as soon as possible after childbirth to promote healing and maintain proper hygiene.

Are perineal cleansers safe for my baby?

Our perineal cleansers are specially formulated to be gentle and safe for postpartum mums ensuring the highest standards of care and protection for the delicate perineal area.

How often should I use a perineal cleanser?

You can use a perineal cleanser during each bath or shower, or as needed, to maintain cleanliness and comfort in the perineal area. For more specific guidance on how to use a perineal cleanser effectively, it is advisable to consult with a midwife or healthcare practitioner to ensure best practices.