Sophie The Giraffe

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Discover Sophie the Giraffe; the worlds’ much loved 100% natural rubber teether for growing babies.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Meet Sophie, also known as Sophie la Giraffe as she hails from France. This trusty teething companion has been around for more than 60 years and is sure to become your baby’s very best friend as they hit the three months’ of age. This gorgeous toy is popular world-wide and stimulates all five senses. The giraffe’s dark spots help to stimulate sight; sound is stimulated when the giraffe is pushed as she squeaks; Sophie has a recognisable smell to stimulate that sense; the comforting texture stimulates touch; and most importantly taste is stimulated as she helps to soothe sore baby gums. Made from 100% natural rubber and food grade paints, Sophie is baby chewing friendly!

Sophie the Giraffe Reviews

This adorable teether is an icon for a reason. She’s been a favourite toy for many celebrity’s children and an enduring staple for more than 60 years! Our own customers at the memo have fantastic Sophie the Giraffe reviews rating her a full 5 stars. In our customers’ words, she makes ‘the cutest gift’ and is ‘great for little hands to grab and chew’. If your child is a fan of Sophie, why not leave a review too? If you’re looking for more chewable teething toys, you can discover our full collection here.

How to clean Sophie the Giraffe

All that chewing and baby saliva means Sophie is going to be due for regular cleaning too. The best way to clean your teething toy is with soapy warm water, paying attention to not allow any water into the squeaky hole in the toy. It’s not recommended to sterilise Sophie as it could damage the toy.

Buy Sophie the Giraffe Australia

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