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The Best Baby Sleeping Bags in AUS in 2022

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Wondering what babies should wear to bed? Say hello to an infant sleep bag.

Wondering what babies should wear to bed? Say hello to an infant sleeping bag. You might have heard that you should swaddle newborns, and that it’s a big no-no to use blankets in your crib (just a snug flat sheet until they’re a little older). Which begs the question ‘what the f to dress them in’?? Baby sleeping bags are the best thing since sliced bread in our book- they do the hard swaddling thing for you and you can even get some with TOG-rated materials to make sure they’re not over or under-heating. Find out more about them now and send your baby off to the land of zzz’s and sweet dreams.

What are baby sleeping bags?

A baby sleep bag or sleep suit is essentially a wearable blanket that swaddles your baby during sleep time. You can find baby sleeping bags with legs, baby sleepsuits with arms, or little sacks depending on the brand you choose.

Does my child need a baby sleep suit?

Baby sleeping bags aren’t essential, however, they are incredibly helpful in assisting your child to fall asleep and stay asleep during the night. Small children often kick off their blankets during the night which causes them to wake and struggle to fall back asleep. When you use a sleep bag, you eliminate the need for using other blankets and hence the problem. Other benefits of using a baby sleeping bag include:

  • Offers an easy way to swaddle
  • Maintains a consistent temperature
  • Promote better sleep

What age to use a baby sleep sack?

You can use a sleeping bag for your baby from newborn age up until around two years old. Make sure to always double check the recommended weight of the bag you’re buying against your child’s weight so you can be sure their bag will fit right. We love using sleep bags for newborns especially as they swaddle them to sleep with a simple zip.

What to look for in an infant sleeping bag?

When it comes to infant sleeping bags there are a few features to be mindful of. Make sure to look out for:

  • TOG rating
  • Size
  • Machine washable
  • Materials
  • Arms up or arms down

6 Best Baby Sleeping Bags in 2022

Here’s our no-nonsense guide to the best 6 baby sleeping bags in Australia. Find the right one for your child whether they’re an arms up, arms down or something in between sleeper now.

1. Nature Baby Cotton Sleeping Bag

This is for you if you’re after something to use as both a newborn sleeping bag and a toddler sleeping bag. We love that this grows with your child, meaning you’ll get lots of use out of it until they’re around 2 years old. It’s practical and comfy, aiding restful sleep and ensuring your baby will stay warm throughout the night. If you specifically want a sleep sack made from organic materials, this is ideal too thanks to being 100% certified organic cotton. The Sleeping Bag is designed with two layers of organic cotton - ribbed cotton outer and jersey cotton inner - for maximum breathability, and also boasts easy snap domes on the shoulder and a full zip feature, a double tab zip which opens from underneath the arm, so you can open the sleeping bag right out for easy dressing, airing and laundering.

Features of the cotton sleep bag:

  • 100% pure certified organic cotton
  • Machine washable
  • From newborn - 24 months old
  • Equivalent to a 1-0.2 TOG (22-30 degrees room suitable)

2. Love to Dream Swaddle Up

You can’t go past Love to Dream’s swaddle bags if your child is an arm’s up sleeper! This warm baby sleeping bag helps to contain startle reflex while keeping your baby snug and securely swaddled throughout the year without the need for complicated wrapping. With unique patented wings to allow a natural arms-up position while safely bringing your baby’s hands to their mouth, the Love To Dream Sleep Swaddle will swaddle your baby in seconds while allowing true self-soothing as they settle into sleep.

Features of Swaddle Up:

  • For arms up sleepers
  • Made from 93% cotton, 7% elastane
  • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design
  • Comes in three sizes from newborn- 8.5kgs
  • TOG rated materials
  • Twin zipper for quick nappy changes
  • Machine washable

3. Ergo Pouch Sleep Suit Bag

This is for you if you’re looking for a baby sleeping bag with arms and legs. Better suited for slightly older children (from three months) that are already sleeping with ‘arms-free’ and don’t need to be swaddled. This cosy baby sleeping bag with arms converts from a baby or toddler Sleeping Bag to a Sleep Suit with legs using the zippers. In Sleep Suit mode, it's also perfect for little wrigglers and movers who like more leg freedom in sleep, and toddlers transitioning from cot to bed. Made from organic cotton, you can rest assured this is an ultra breathable option and helps your child maintain an even temperature whilst sleeping, and prevents overheating.

Features of Sleep Suit Bag:

  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton
  • From 3-24 months old
  • TOG rated materials
  • Machine washable
  • Hip friendly design
  • Four way zipper

4. Woolbabe Sleeping Bag

Woolbabe is the one for you if you want an easy to use bag by season. Choose from their summer sleeping bag baby, or winter sleeping bag baby without confusion over TOG ratings. These luxuriously soft sleeping bags use a quilted merino wool filling as a temperature regulating fabric. The combination of wool and cotton is ideal as it provides a light cover for your child in warmer weather, and a warmer cover in cooler weather. This baby sleep time sleeping bag should be used for slightly older children already sleeping with free hands. It is an investment but these bags will last up to two years for your first child and can be reused like you would a blanket for your next child.

Features of Woolbabe Sleeping Bags:

  • Choose from summer or winter weight materials
  • Suitable for babies 3-24 months old
  • Made from 30% Australian merino and 70% soft cotton
  • Machine washable

5. Ergo Pouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag

The Cocoon bag is the best baby sleep suit to choose if your baby is a ‘hands-down’ sleeper. It helps to contain startle reflex while keeping your baby snug and securely swaddled throughout the year without the need for complicated wrapping. The two-in-one bag transitions from arms-in swaddling for newborns, to an arms-out sleep bag once they start rolling. There are press stud poppers in the armholes that convert this swaddle into your baby’s first sleeping bag as they grow. Made from breathable natural fibres, the organic cotton material is comfortable and soft on your baby’s skin.

Features of Cocoon Swaddle Bag:

  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton
  • For ‘hands-down’ sleepers
  • Two way zipper
  • Hip friendly design
  • Super stretchy
  • TOG-rated materials

6. Happiest Baby SNOO Sleep Sack

The SNOO sleep sack is hands-down for you if you’ve decided to invest in a SNOO bassinet. Dress your baby in their SNOO Sleep Sacks to help them fit snuggly and cosily into their SNOO bed. Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, America’s most celebrated paediatrician, these baby grow bags incorporate his key guidelines for safe swaddling to help babies sleep longer. Use the special inner arm bands secured by velcro to keep their arms safely swaddled. If your baby prefers their arms out and up, use the arm openings and unsnap the buttons. The side wings attach to the sides of the SNOO to keep your baby secure and always sleeping on their back, giving you peace of mind throughout the night. We also love that these newborn sleep sacks are perfect for healthy, growing hips, with an International Hip Dysplasia Institute seal of approval.

Features of SNOO Sleep Sack:

  • Machine washable
  • Comes in three sizes from 2.5kgs - 12kgs
  • 100% cotton and breathable mesh
  • Can be used for arms down or up sleepers
  • Healthy hip design

Baby sleep sacks Australia

Have we narrowed down the choice for you any further? Take a look at our curated edit of baby sleeping bags in Australia now to see our full collection. When you buy your newborn baby sleeping bag with us, you can enjoy our free delivery on orders over $75, free returns for loyalty members and take advantage of our AfterPay option at checkout.

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