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Our Sleepy Vibes Bedtime Playlist

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Hey kids, calm down, time to snuggle up.

Bedtime (for most) is a labour of love. The final hurdle at the end of the day. Whilst everyone's nighttime looks, sounds and feels different, at some point, things need to wind down for everyone. Enter our bedtime playlist.

From 22 weeks in utero, a baby can recognise the sound of their parent's voice. White noise, which mimicks the swooshing sound of blood a baby hears constantly in utero, continues to comfort them when they're out of the womb. Our kids are very sound-centric. So music can really help transform the mood from manic to calm.

Our playlist was created to hopefully soothes both your souls and gets your melatonin flowing in preparation for a good (fingers crossed) night's sleep. From Jane Birkin to ambient composer Brian Eno so it doubles as an adult playlist if nothing else, it can definitely be enjoyed in the bath with a glass of your favourite red.

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