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The Best Baby Bouncers in AUS in 2022

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Pure fun for your baby and a whole lot less work for you.

Pure fun for your baby and a whole lot less work for you. While not strictly essential, we swear by a baby bouncer from pretty much the moment we bring a newborn home. They give you some hands-free time, which is always useful, and bub loves rocking away in them. It’s a win-win really! Read on for our no-nonsense guide to the 3 best baby rockers in Australia in 2021 at the memo.

View our baby bouncer tutorial video today.

What is a baby bouncer?

A baby bouncer is a sort of baby seat that you can securely strap your child into. They tend to be lightweight and just slightly raised off ground level. They rock gently when a baby moves in them or with a light touch of your hand or foot against them.

Why do you need a baby rocker bouncer?

A baby rocker is not absolutely essential as we’ve already mentioned, but many parents like to invest in them to entertain their children when they need to get s**t done. Whether you just need a minute to unpack the dishwasher, get some ironing done or answer an email, you can securely strap your child into their rocker and get something done whilst they’re next to you (but with two hands-free- imagine!)

What age to use a bouncer?

The best time to get your bouncer on is from newborn up until the time your child is able to sit up by themselves. This will vary from child to child, but is generally around the 6-7 months of age mark. Every child is different though and some might sit up from even 5 months old, or take a little longer.

How to choose the best baby bouncer?

When it comes to deciding on your baby bouncer, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Safety: Opt for a rocker that has a secure harness style strap to prevent your baby from falling out
  • Portability: Consider choosing something lightweight enough to easily carry around the house.
  • Ease of cleaning: In our minds only machine washable will do when baby is involved!
  • Comfort: Consider the material of your rocker and choose something easy to clean yet also comfy for baby to relax in.
  • Style: Choose something that will go with the decor of your nursery room or house with one of the stylish options we stock at the memo.

3 best baby bouncers in 2022

At the memo, we cringe at long lists of 20+ ‘must-have’, ‘best’ baby products. It doesn’t narrow the choice down for new parents (or grandparents or friends who want to gift!) and in fact just adds to the overall stress of your shopping experience. That’s why we’ll only ever show you a tightly curated edit of a few of our favourite baby items, clearly outlining the key points of difference and suggesting who they’d be best for. With that in mind, here’s our top 3 best baby bouncers to choose from.

1. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss

baby bjorn bouncer bliss

This is the perfect baby bouncer chair for you if you want something ultra easy to keep clean. Choose from mesh or quilted cotton; either way both are machine washable, with the mesh option easy to spot clean. The Bouncer Bliss is a cosy place where your baby can play, kicking their legs and waving their arms, which will gently rock the bouncer. No need for batteries, this natural baby bouncer can help your baby develop its motor skills and balance. The baby bouncer seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly, which is particularly important for newborn babies.

Features of Bouncer Bliss:

  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and packs down
  • 3 positions
  • Made from quilted cotton or mesh
  • Suitable for newborns to two years of age
  • Comes in 10 different colours

2. Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker

charlie crane levo rocker

Is sustainability and organic materials most important to you when it comes to choosing your newborn bouncer? Enter Charlie Crane’s gorgeous Levo baby rocker. The baby bouncer frame is made from a beautiful sustainable wood, whilst the soft cushion is made from organic cotton. It’s super stylish, from French tastemakers Charlie Crane. Rockers are wonderful as the incline of the seat allows bub to watch the world pass by, while the movement keeps things fluid and interesting.

Features of Levo Baby Rocker:

  • Comes in 2 different colours
  • Machine washable cushion
  • Lightweight (3.5kgs)
  • Seat frame made from wood produced in sustainably managed forests
  • Seat cushion made from organic cotton muslin
  • Suitable for newborns until baby can sit alone

3. Quax Rocking Baby Bouncer

Quax Rocking Baby Bouncer

The Quax bouncer is a great playmate for your baby. This chic design from Quax allows your baby to be comfortably strapped in and distribute their weight evenly. Crafted in solid wood with a steel frame, the rocker is lightweight enough to be easily moved around the house to wherever you may be.

Features of Rocking Baby Bouncer:

  • Comes in 4 block colour shades
  • Weighs 5kgs and can hold up to 10kgs
  • Constructed from solid wood and steel frame
  • Suitable for newborns until baby can sit alone

Baby Bouncer Australia

Have we narrowed down the choice for you any further? Take a look at our curated edit of the best baby bouncers in Australia now to see our full collection. For the best baby rocker, you’ve come to the right place. When you buy your baby bouncer with us, you can enjoy our free returns for loyalty members and take advantage of our AfterPay option at checkout.

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