Everything you actually need to create your baby nursery

Setting up your baby nursery is the fun part. It’s easy to get carried away or overwhelmed by the huge amount of choice out there when it comes to baby furniture, but you don’t actually need it all. When it comes to creating a beautiful, calm, sleep centric space, we’re here to help you get everything you need!

Baby nursery ideas

If you type in ‘baby nursery ideas’ into Google, you’ll be bombarded with images and Santa Clause style lists full of ideas for redecorating. It can get pretty overwhelming wondering how to set up your nursery for your new arrival. If you want to theme your baby nursery, then go for it. But if you want to keep things simple and minimal that’s also okay. 

Some popular baby room ideas we like are to: 

  • Choose a colour theme
  • Centre the room around a cool light or mobile
  • Use rugs to add colour and warmth to the room
  • Decorate your changing table station with artwork
  • Think a little long-term and install a bookshelf 
  • Keep it bright and light 

Baby nursery decor

Opt for decor that’s well-made and will take your baby from newborn into the toddler age with ease. The last thing you’re going to feel like doing with a baby is redecorating constantly, so fit out your baby room with well-made furniture. Investing in a cot rather than a bassinet can be a good idea for this reason as it lasts a lot longer. Set up an area in the room suitable for playtime, so that when it’s time for tummy time or your baby is able to sit up, they’ve got a fun little play area sorted. You can make an area like this easily with a play mat

How to layout your nursery?

Whether you’re going to get all feng-shui or not, there’s some important ‘basics’ to talk about when it comes to putting your nursery together. We’re sure you’re across it, but when you’re knee-deep in wallpaper and decals, sometimes the little things get lost. Firstly, it’s best to make sure your cot or bassinet is positioned away from the window to avoid extra heat during summer and unwanted light creeping in while your bub is sleeping. If you’re going to invest in a rocking chair for feeding, make sure to put it in the most comfortable space for you since you’ll be sitting there frequently. 

Next, when it comes to your changing station you’re likely going to want this somewhat close to your cot for convenience. Definitely choose a changing station with drawers so you have all your nappies, wipes, balms and hand sanitiser within arm’s reach. We also recommend adding some texture and warmth to your baby room with a fluffy rug and some colour with a playmat for when your bub is having tummy time.

Baby Nursery Furniture

Okay let’s get down to business. First things first, you don’t need everything to begin with. Start by organising the essentials (hello baby bassinet) before worrying about all the other decorating you want to do. 

Our top suggestions for must-have nursery furniture include: 

  • Bassinet and/or a cot: You don’t need them at the same time, but you’ll need one or the other to start with. A bassinet is perfect for newborns up until six months or so, whilst a cot is suitable from newborn up until toddler age generally. If you value your sleep, consider investing in the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet.
  • Mattress: Whether you go for a bassinet or a cot, you’re going to have to buy a mattress for your baby to sleep on. 
  • Baby monitor: Think of it as an investment in your peace of mind. You can make dinner or put the washing out while your bub is sleeping and keep a watchful eye (and ear!) on them at the same time. 
  • White noise machine: And this is your investment in a damn good night’s sleep. Send them off to the land of zzz’s and get a good night’s sleep for yourself with the aid of a white noise machine.  
  • Matty change mat: The main things that are happening in your baby’s room are sleeping, playing and changing. So a change mat is a no-brainer really. We love the Matty Change Mats from Leander which are 100% waterproof and super easy to clean. 

Baby Nursery Cot Bedding Set

The next essentials you’ll need to purchase is bedding. Comfortable, breathable sheets are the goal here to help ensure the whole family has a good night’s sleep. You’ll want to stock up on:  

  • Bassinet /cot fitted sheet: Depending on what they’re sleeping in you’ll need to get a few fitted sheets so you’ve always got a spare in hand in case of emergencies. You’ll want to choose a fitted sheet rather than have any loose blankets in your baby’s bed for safety. 
  • Sleeping bag: Dress them in a little sleeping bag so you’re confident that they’re snug as a bug all night long. 
  • Swaddle : Ideal for newborns, just wrap them up in a beautiful muslin swaddle and send them to sleep (in between countless feeds that is!)

Baby Girl Nursery

We make it a point that our product range is gender-neutral, however, we know that many parents are specifically searching for products for baby girls or baby boys. Here’s our top 5 nursery picks that we’d invest in for her arrival: 


  • Charlie Crane Kumi Bassinet Crib: This is 100% unisex, but we think it would be especially perfect in a baby girl’s room thanks to being so effortlessly stylish and elegant. It also comes with a mattress, so one less thing to buy! 
  • 7pm Linen Fitted Bassinet Sheets: We’d stock up on some of these gorgeous linen sheets in pretty pastel shades.
  • Love to Dream Stage 1 Swaddle: Send them to sleep in a beautiful swaddle bag.
  • Cam Cam Copenhagen Muslin Swaddle Wrap: Made from 100% organic cotton, we can’t resist the beautiful peony pink for our little girls.
  • YogaSleep Whish Continuous White Noise Machine: Again, totally unisex and we’d get it for our baby boys just as much as for our girls. Invest in a sleep aid for bub that will have untold benefits for you too!

    Baby Boy Nursery

    And if we had to pick our top 5 for a baby boy nursery, we’d go for: 

  • Leander Cot: Again totally unisex, we’re obsessed with this cot. It would make for a great nursery room centerpiece and better yet it can even last until your child is seven years old!
  • Leander Cot Mattress: The mattress is sold separately if you opt for the Leander option. It’s made from high quality cold foam and custom made to fit perfectly inside the Leander Cot. 
  • ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag: Made from organic cotton and bamboo it’s TOG rated and designed to keep them at a safe temperature all night long. 
  • Matty Change Mat in Cappuccino: Add a neutral toned changing mat to their room like this one from Leander. It’s a best-seller for a reason!
  • Pop Ya Tot Muslin Swaddle: Add a pop of colour and stimulate their mind with this beautiful swaddle with a crane illustration designed on top. 

  • Did you know at the memo lists are totally our thing? That’s right, we make downloadable, printable lists for you to check off each item as you go and help make this whole having a baby process that little bit easier. Click here to download our nursery list now. You can also discover our full nursery furniture collection here.