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The 4 Best Cloth Nappy Brands in Australia

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Each reusable nappy you use saves a disposable one from going to landfill.

New baby on the way? Or maybe you've just welcomed one into the world. Whichever way, you're going to quickly realise that nappy changes will be a frequent (and recurring) newfound hobby for at least a couple of years. When it comes to choosing the right nappies that work for your baby and your lifestyle, there are two main options - cloth nappies and regular disposable nappies. Cloth diapers are pieces of absorbent rectangular or square fabric which you're able to use again and again. Conversely, disposable nappies are designed for one-use only and thrown out after they're soiled. Modern cloth nappies have come a long way from what they once were though and are definitely a lot more user friendly. Keep reading to find out why you should consider making the switch (or starting immediately) with reusable nappies.

Why You Should Consider Using Cloth Nappies

We're all for you doing you as parents, but we want you to understand some of the key benefits of choosing reusable cloth nappies instead of disposables.

  • Eco-friendly: Cloth nappies do a much better job at reducing land waste compared to disposables which account for hundreds of thousands of tonnes of landfill every year.
  • Breathable: Cool modern cloth nappies are even more breathable thanks to their outer PUL waterproof covering.
  • Cost effective: You actually save money by choosing reusable baby nappies. You'll buy an initial set of 20-24 fabric nappies and then perhaps another set when they've grown a bit bigger but that's it. With disposable nappies, you'll need to constantly replace them.
  • Comfort: Soft cloth nappies can even feel more comfortable on delicate baby skin compared to disposables. Just make sure to change them regularly so your child isn't sitting in a wet nappy for too long which can cause the dredded nappy rash.

Types of Cloth Nappies

Not all cloth nappies are created equal! Here's a little summary of the different kinds you can choose from:

  • Traditional cloth squares: Made from an absorbent fabric but it's best to also use a waterproof outer layer with them.
  • Pre-folded: Shaped like a pad and inside a waterproof cover.
  • All-in-one nappies: Shaped nappies with a waterproof cover and absorbent inner proof layer. Fastened with velcro or studs.

How To Use Cloth Nappies

This depends on what kind of cloth nappies you're using - traditional cloth or all-in-ones.

**To use towelling nappies: **

  • Fold the nappy: There are lots of different ways to do this but here's one way. Lay the cloth flat, fold in half, and then in half again. Take the bottom left corner of the top layer and pull it straight across in a horizontal line to make a triangle shape. Then flip the entire cloth over and take the top two layers on the left and fold it into a pad shape in the middle.
  • Place your baby in the middle of the nappy. Pull the front section up between your baby's legs and fold in the sides firmly before attaching with a safety pin or modern secure pins.

**To use All-In-One Nappies: **

  • These ones are the easiest kinds of baby cloth nappies to use in our opinion.
  • Simply open the nappy, fold the 'booster' section up slightly and place baby ontop before fastening the nappy securely with the velcro or snap buttons.

When it comes to using reuseable nappies, it's really important to maintain good hygiene to prevent nappy rash. You never want to leave baby in wet diaper for long so make sure to regularly change your baby's nappy. Remember to also wash cloth nappies separate from other laundry using a fragrance-free detergent. Never use fabric softener as it can irritate baby skin.

These Brands Offer The Best Resuable Cloth Nappies in Australia

1. Bubba Blue

Multiple award winning Australian brand Bubba Blue have been designing manchester and nursery products for over 20 years. Their ultra practical items are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo. At The Memo, we stock their reusable bamboo nappies. They're a great option as they're versatile so you can also use them to clean up spills or as burping cloths. They're beautifully soft and absorbent and are a cost effective alternative to disposable nappies, coming in at just under $40 for a pack of 8. They are a one size fits all option, so suitable for newborns until the end of nappy wearing, meaning you'll get really good use out of them.


2. Nature Baby

Nature Baby is a gorgeous brand that make organic baby essentials. This family business was created to help children grow up in a pure, beautiful chemical-free world. All of their clothing is clothing is made of organic cotton and merino, without the use of harmful chemicals, leaving nothing on your baby’s skin except pure goodness. They make organic cotton and bamboo nappy squares which can also moonlight as a cloth for all other kinds of accidents. Made from organic cotton and bamboo, to offer comfort, breathability, absorbency and softness against baby’s skin. They're a little more expensive than Bubba Blue at $75 for a 6 pack.


3. Baby Beehinds

Okay this is probably our favourite choice when it comes to modern cloth nappies in Australia. Baby Beehinds is Australian owned and loved and a household name in the cloth nappy world thanks to their incredible array of awards including Best Sized Cloth Nappy and Best Swim Nappy. Their designs are smart, economic and eco-aware and we're here for it!

Their Magicalls All In One Cloth Nappies are so easy to use and the closest you'll find to the convenience of a disposable nappy. They include six layers of ultra absorbent bamboo fleece inserts and a non PIL suede cloth inner for extra dryness. Robust leg elastics ensure a snug fit where it matters plus wide 2.5cm waist elastics for a comfortable fit. Each nappy shell comes with 6 inserts so it means that if the shell doesn't get wet or dirty, you can just change the inner pad. At $30 per nappy they're obviously more expensive than the nappy squares, but they are super convenient and mean you don't have to work out any complicated folds.


4. Pekpi

Okay they're not strictly newborn cloth nappies, but they are eco-friendly! They're designed specifically for swimming, and a perfect example of how far modern cloth nappies in Australia have come. The mindful, minimalist designs of the Swim Nappies have a fabric exterior made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. Super lightweight and with a drawstring closure to help fit your baby for longer, the style also has firm but gentle leg elastics to keep everything tight and in check. Simply slide on and let your baby splash about. Choose from three different sizes


Shop These Brands Online At The Memo

Inspired to try cloth nappies for your baby? Start shopping the best cloth nappies in Australia now at The Memo. When you shop with us you can enjoy a range of benefits including free delivery on orders over $75*, click & collect, AfterPay and rewards via our Feel Good loyalty program.

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