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Genius Baby Gear to Put on Your Gift Registry

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Why didn't someone think of this sooner!

They came, they saw, they changed the game. These iconic, innovative products have totally transformed the way we thought we had to do baby and parenting, making life with little ones all the better.

1. SRC Recovery Shorts

As voted for by The Editorial Director Alexandra Whiting and The Community Advocate Maggie Chretien.

All we wore post-birth! These recovery shorts are designed for comfort and healing, and let us tell you- they work! They were designed in consultation with an obstetrician and it shows. Whether you've had a C-section, have perineal trauma and episiotomy wounds, abdominal muscle separation or lower back pain, they are for you. Recommended by health care professionals for improving mobility and pelvic muscle function postpartum.

What our judges say:

"I loved my SRC’s during pregnancy and postpartum, for me and my prolapse issues they were completely worth the investment." — Maggie Chretien The Peninsula Mumma, The Community Advocate .

Recovery Shorts 101:

  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Lightweight wicking fabric
  • No buttons, velcro or zip

2. Bunnie Caddie

As voted for by The Community Advocate Maggie Chretien and The Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill.

Because it'll keep you organised like nothing else during nappy changes! The Bunnie Caddie is a big nappy organiser to keep in your nursery and make sure all the stuff stays in its right place. Made from premium felt fabric and boasting a sturdy base, the Bunnie Caddie has nine functional pockets and four removable dividers that can be used to support and organise all your changing essentials, think nappies, wipes, creams, muslin cloths and some things to keep your baby distracted and entertained during changing time.

hat our judges say:

  • “A beautiful way to keep all things changing organised… even when the kids are feral and all s%# is hitting the fan : )” — Jacqueline Alwill of Brown Paper Nutrition, The Nutritionist.*

Bunnie Caddie 101:

  • Nine pockets and four removable dividers
  • Made from premium felt fabric
  • Leather trim, metal hardware and a two-tone body strap

3. Haakaa Lady Bug Milk Collectors

As voted for by The Editorial Director Alexandra Whiting and The Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill.

Breastfeeding? If you've ever lamented at the lost drops of liquid gold breastmilk during letdown, this is for you. It's ideal for mums who aren't looking for a breast pump, but don't want to lose any precious breast milk. The comfortable and discreet duo pack attaches securely to your breast and fits on the inside of your bra to catch breastmilk that would otherwise be lost. You can also use it to extract more milk than the natural lactation process, by pressing it to your breast, where you will feel light suction as it gently maximises the amount of breast milk leakage it catches as you carry on with your day.

What our judges say:

  • “I couldn’t be more obsessed with this innovation if I tried. I think these are an incredible product and super encouraging for nursing mums to see just how marvelous our bodies are when they’re feeding these tiny humans.” — Jacqueline Alwill of Brown Paper Nutrition, The Nutritionist.*

Lady Bug Collectors 101:

  • Portable
  • Milk collector
  • 2 x 75ml capacity
  • Made of 100% high quality, food grade silicone
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free

4. Lactamo Ball

As voted for by The Midwife and Lactation Consultant Tanya Maschio.

A medical grade silicone breast massage ball that all breastfeeding mums need. We won't lie, breastfeeding can often be painful. Whether you're experiencing undersupply, blocked milk ducts, or engorgement, the Lactamo ball can help. Use it hot or cold and combine with movement and compression to stimulate milk production and aid the let-down reflex, help clear blocked ducts, and relieve swelling.

What our judges say:

“I find mums can be a little too firm with the hands or fingers when massaging lumps from their breasts, or when doing breast compressions to stimulate the flow of milk. The lactamo ball provides a more gentle alternative to those fingertips, and also being used hot or cold, or in the bath or shower has so many benefits and uses! Its also great for gentle tummy massage on the baby!” — Tanya Maschio, The Midwife and Lactation Consultant.

Lactamo Ball 101:

  • Massage ball
  • Helps with undersupply, blocked milk ducts, and engorgement
  • Safe to heat or cool
  • Made from medical grade silicone

5. Missta Bottle

As voted for by The Community Advocate Maggie Chretien.

Better than a thermos, the Missta bottle is all you need if you're constantly on the run (or travelling) with baby in tow. It is a large insulated bottle that keeps water warm for 12 hours straight, allowing you to mix it with formula for feeding whenever you need. With an inbuilt temperature light indicator located in the lid (that is rechargeable), Missta lets you know whether the water is at a safe serving temperature to mix with formula when feeding babies.

What our judges say:

  • “Started using it on our holiday and OH MY it’s genius!” — Maggie Chretien The Peninsula Mumma, The Community Advocate.*

Missta Bottle 101:

  • Keeps water warm for up to 12 hours
  • Inbuilt temperature light indicator
  • 750ml size
  • USB rechargeable
  • BPA-free

6. Malo Nappy Rash Spray

As voted for by The Editorial Director Alexandra Whiting.

Nappy rash and some level of irritation is bound to strike at some stage. We adore this spray for many reasons, but first and foremost because of the fact that it is a spray application and not a cream. If you've ever changed a nappy, you'll know you want to do it as quickly as possible and this spray helps you get the job done so much more efficiently than a cream. No need to rinse, rub or wipe.

What our judges say:

“In my experience, toddlers don't always love a cream being smooshed onto their little red butts. And I don't love getting it all over my hands and under my nails. A spray cream is so simple and so revolutionary. Why did we not have this sooner!” — Alexandra Whiting, The Editorial Director.

Nappy Spray 101:

  • Soothes irritation
  • Spray application
  • Made with Kakadu plum and other natural ingredients
  • Works on dry skin, cradle cap and eczema

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