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How to Change a Disposable Nappy - Video

First time changing a nappy? This video shows you how in a few simple steps.

All disposable nappies come with a front and back identifier. An elasticated back and two gripping side tabs.

When it’s change time, place your baby on a secure surface, like a change mat. If they are unsettled or unhappy, use a toy to distract them.

Pull open the soiled nappy side tabs, and use the front of the nappy to wipe off mess, folding it over and into the back of the nappy. Resealing it with the tabs, ready for the bin.

Take a wipe and clean your baby’s bits and bottom wiping front to back. Then lift your baby’s bottom and gently clean with wipes. Slide the new nappy up under your baby’s bum. Fold the front flap up, tuck it around the baby’s waist and attach tabs and fold it down to keep your baby's belly button exposed.

For more information please read our baby nappy change checklist. 

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