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How Maz Coote Went From Being Told She'd Struggle to Have a Family to a Mother

When Maz Coote was 33 and newly engaged, she had her AMH-tested and received a very "low" result for her age, 3.6. Her GP discussed the results with her, highlighting that she may have a tough time having a baby and may not have a family at all. Understandably, this sent Maz into a tail spin, believing that her low AMH meant "low fertility". It wasn't until she met Dr Rachael Rodgers who explained low AMH doesn't mean low fertility, or that you can't become pregnant if that is something you want, that she could start to use her egg count to consider her family planning goal and next steps? What did she learn? Proactivity, starting the fertility conversation, is important. Watch Maz and Dr. Rodgers discuss Maz's fertility journey and how it inspired her to launch WHEN Fertility.

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