Medela and their award winning products to support breastfeeding are trusted and loved by over one million mothers, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, midwives and lactation consultants.

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What is Medela?

Medela is a global company that specializes in producing breastfeeding equipment and accessories, including breast pumps, breast milk bottles, and nursing bras.

What type of breast pumps does Medela offer?

Medela offers a range of breast pumps, including electric, manual, and hospital-grade pumps. They also offer a variety of pump accessories to make the pumping process more comfortable and efficient.

How do I choose the right breast pump from Medela?

When choosing a breast pump from Medela, consider your specific needs and preferences, such as how often you plan to pump, your budget, and your lifestyle. Medela offers a Pump Selector tool on their website to help you choose the right pump for your needs.

Do Medela sell hospital-grade breast pumps?

Medela offers hospital-grade breast pumps in addition to their personal-use pumps. Hospital-grade pumps are designed to provide efficient and effective pumping for mothers who need to establish and maintain milk supply in more challenging situations, such as premature birth, multiple births, or medical issues. These pumps have a stronger motor and are designed to be used by multiple users, making them ideal for hospital or clinical settings. Medela's Symphony breast pump is a popular hospital-grade pump that is often used in hospitals and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) around the world.