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Discover Rockit, the portable battery-operated pram rocker that will keep your baby's stroller rocking for you, to help you keep your hands free and get on with your day.

Rockit Baby Rocker

Looking for help getting your baby to sleep and then keeping them that way while you’re out and about? Meet Rockit, the award-winning pram rocker. It’s designed to keep your hands free and your pram moving at the same time. Super easy to use, all you need to do is press the on button and turn the dial to your preferred speed level to start rocking. We love this innovative device as the constant rocking has been shown to soothe your baby and keep them sleeping. With a quiet motor, they won’t wake up from the noise either! The Rockit is safe to use from birth onwards, so be sure to add this one to your gift registry.

Baby Sleep Aids

Looking for more baby sleep aids? We have a curated collection of handy tools to help you get your little one off to the land of zsss with ease. Choose from best-selling brands including Liewood, Easyblind, YogaSleep, ErgoPouch and Baby Shusher. Discover blackout blinds, white noise machines and comforting cuddle toys to help soothe and relax them to sleep.

Baby Sleep Advice

Good sleep always starts with a good routine. We have some helpful articles on how to lull your baby to sleep over on our blog. Take a read of how to put your baby to sleep as well as our daylight savings special. Make sure your little one has a comfortable bassinet or crib to sleep in and is warm enough at bedtime. We have a great range of baby sleeping bags and swaddles that can help to bring on a great night’s sleep for your bub too.

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